Diabetic Dress Shoes

Diabetic dress shoes are hard to find.

It takes ingenuity and maybe a bit of do-it-yourself spirit and perhaps a bit of good old acceptance of the things we cannot change.

How to dress for a wedding or what shoes to wear to a dressy holiday party with something chiffon and sheer, a luscious brocade, or burned-out velvet can be challenging.

Today’s diabetic dress shoes include Mary Jane style flat pumps, and these are not too much different from many of the comfortable Mary Jane styles now available.

A Mary Jane is a rounded-toe pump with a strap across the top of the foot to ensure a good fit.

Three Strategies: Switch, Hide, or Disguise

There are three ways to handle the issue of diabetic shoes and ultra-dressy occasions.

First, if you can abandon your medically prescribed shoes without endangering your health, there are many attractive, comfortable women’s dress shoes available today.

They may not be Manolo Blahnik, but who wants to teeter around the dance floor on three-inch heels anyway?

Given the narrow choices for diabetic shoes – generally tie front and Mary Janes – go with the Mary Janes.

The slightly lower vamp and more feminine rounded toes will make it easier to hide or disguise your diabetic dress shoes.

If abandoning your health-required shoes is not an option, the remaining strategies are to hide or disguise.

Long Skirts and Dress Pants Conceal Shoes

Drape yourself in yards of silky fabric. A long skirt that swirls around you will turn heads as you float through the room.

Long slacks are another option. Palazzo pants and wide-leg styles are on-trend again, so take advantage of this fabulous wave.

Treat yourself to a manicure and a trip to the hairdresser. You’ll feel so fabulous, and your shoes will be the last thing on your — and everyone else’s — mind.

Get Creative and Craft Unique Diabetic Dress Shoes

The second choice is to dress up the shoes, so they are transformed diabetic dress shoes.

Because diabetic shoes are so expensive, you may want to save your older pairs for just such enhancements. You may even want to try some crafty experiments.

The first and safest choice is to have the shoes professionally dyed to match the outfit.

Wearing a safe color, such as a black skirt or slacks, makes dying unnecessary.

There are things to do that are a lot more fun and creative.

If the shoes are older and you don’t feel like making a safe choice, buy some spray-on fabric glue and glitter. Apply in thin layers.

Use Embellishments — Glitter, Satin Roses, Clip-Ons or Beads

If you want diabetic dress shoes that glow like Dorothy’s in The Wizard of Oz, pile on the sprinkles with these step-by-step directions.

Another option is to buy two rhinestone or pearl emblems at a fabric store. Glue these on the toes of your fabulous party slippers, like the fabulous satin roses on this page.

Use spray-on fabric glue or a glue gun.

Clip-on decorations for the toes also will work. If the emblem does not have a clip, try gluing it to an ordinary hair clip.

What A Glue Gun & Imagination Can Do

Be sure the clip will stay in play before gluing on the decorative motifs.

The sky is the limit for the gifted craftswoman. You can create your dress slippers with fabric, ribbons, fancy braids, or any kind of beaded trim.

If you’re all thumbs when it comes to crafts projects, take your shoes to a talented shoemaker or leather craftsman to add the finishing touches.

In summary, you may not be able to buy diabetic dress shoes off the rack.

With a bit of forethought about what to wear to a wedding or fancy party, and a dash of creativity, you will look and feel absolutely fabulous – and so will your feet.

If you want only a bit of bling, a light layer should do the trick.

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