Choosing the Right Shoes for Nurses

Nurses are people who work in extreme conditions and are on their feet most of the day during their shift. They carry out tedious tasks that include lifting patients, administering drugs to different patients, assisting with birthing babies as well as bathing and cleaning their patients among other things. If they are not walking, they are standing. In the United States, an average nurse walks around three and a half miles per day when on a 10-hour shift. You can check out this article that talks about how much nurses walk.

For this reason, it is of utmost importance that they are comfortable in every way so they can concentrate on doing their job instead of having to worry about pain or discomfort which will result in less productivity. A big part of all this is the type of shoes they wear. Caregivers must wear proper and comfortable ones.

Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Shoes

  • Good posture.
  • Prevents fatigue.
  • Enhances productivity.

How to know Good Nurse Shoes

How to know Good Nurse Shoes

Nursing shoes greatly differ from regular ones though at a glance they look the same. They are specially designed to help them in their day to day activities in the clinic or hospital by providing comfort and safety. With this in mind, let us examine what the characteristics of a good nurse’s shoe are.

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Lightweight and comfortable

For people who are most times on their feet and walk a lot, wearing heavy footwear is a burden. A good choice will be one that is lightweight enough for the person wearing it not to notice they are wearing it. This helps to prevent pain in the feet and problems like back pain, cramps, and fatigue.

If your shoe is getting constant attention from you, it is either a new one and you are still enamored and excited about it or it is uncomfortable so you have to check it severally. The latter should not be the case for a nurse. You should not remember you are wearing one till you are pulling them off your feet.


With the amount of work both a caregiver and their footwear do, it is essential that they are durable and able to withstand the rigors of heavy use. A nurse should not have to buy new footwear every month. This is not only bad for their pocket as they would have to keep spending more than they should; it could also be stressful to have to go purchase them considering the time needed to go shopping and also the choices that they will need to make each time. Because of this, it should be tough and durable.

Offer Arch Support

Arch support helps the arch of your foot during a walk or when you are running. Depending on the individual, a person can either have a low or a high arch and a good shoe will have this put into consideration in its design. You can read about foot arches here:

Is Non-Skidding and Offers Good Grip

Working in a place like a hospital comes with some attendant risks and hazards which can be avoided by following proper precautions. Some of these can include spills and slippery floors. This makes it essential to wear shoes that are non-skid in design, offering a good grip on the floor so as a nurse you do not slip and fall.

Offer a Perfect Fit

As a caregiver, you should not wear shoes that are either tight or bigger than your feet. It is therefore important that as you pick out one, you know your exact size so you can select the right fit for your feet. This is crucial as it will affect how comfortable you will be all day.

Easy to Clean

Due to the demands of the job, there is always a possibility of spills like blood, urine, vomits, and other fluids on a nurse’s footwear. As a result of this, their ideal shoes should be very easy to clean with a quick brush or either a wet or dry wipe using a fabric.


Having seen the benefits of wearing good nursing shoes and its characteristics, you now know why and how to select the next one you have to purchase. To make the choice easier for you, see Clove shoes for nurses for some interesting options.

As you make your pick, understand that nurses’ shoes can also be stylish, trendy, and attractive. They also come with different great features and in colors that help compliment your scrubs. These are in addition to being durable, comfortable, and easy to clean.

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