Shop: Best Winter Sock Boots For Women

You probably have quite the winter boot collection. Your shoe rack probably contains countless pairs of black Chelsea boots, some waterproof styles, a couple of tall boots for fancy occasions, and maybe even a printed pair. Do you have any sock boots in there nestled among the Stuart Weitzman imitations and the sneakers you refuse to give up wearing? We’re not talking about slippers shaped like boots. We’re talking proper wear-out-of-the-house footwear. Sock boots are one of the trendiest shoes of the season. The most popular style is slightly taller than your booties and they are fitted to your ankles, like a sock, hence the name.

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Want to try them out? Here are 11 sock boots that will update your wardrobe:

1. Greca Boots

Best Winter Sock Boots For Women - Aldo Greka Boots

You can wear these versatile tan boots with almost anything in your wardrobe. They come up to mid-calf and have a side zip to make them easier to get on.

2. Magnificent Suede Sock Boots

Magnificent Suede Sock Boots

How many pairs of black leather boots do you own? It’s time to switch things up a little. These navy suede boots are a great option. The wooden heels allow you to wear them from the fall into the spring.

3. Abyss Chunky Sock Boots

Abyss Chunky Ankle Boots

You can get chunky sock boots too. If you are a fan of the “ugly” shoe trend, there’s no need to get rid of your thick-soled boots for sleek sock boots. These faux leather boots with block heels allow you to participate in the trend.

4. High Heel Sock Style Ankle Boots

Zara High Heel Sock Boots

Red isn’t just the holiday season. These cranberry-colored sock boots will dress up your plain black and beige coats.

5. Envision Pointed Toe Sock Boots

Envision Pointed Toe Sock Boots

The stitching on these sock boots makes it look like you are wearing black heels and socks. The suede-look boots have a stretchy cuff opening and a back tab to help make them slide on even easier.

6. Vince Camuto Parka Slouchy Shaft Booties

Vince Camuto Slouchy Shaft Booties

If you want something a bit different, try these slouchy boots. They have a bit more breathing room for your foot thanks to the slouchy fit. Think of them like scrunched-down socks footwear.

7. Spring Step Eve Boot

Sprint Step Eve Boot

The charcoal leather is a fresh update to your usual black, but the contrasting orange trim really sets these boots apart. Don’t worry, you can still wear them with most of the things in your closet.

8. Muse Bone Heel Boots

Muse Bone Heel Ankle Boots

Do not let the phrase “bone heel” turn you off. There isn’t a real bone on these boots, obvs. The contrasting heel detail dresses up the classic black leather style.

9. Jeffery Campbell Cienega Ankle Boots

Jeffery Campbell Cienega Boots

Add a trendy ’70s touch to your wardrobe with these taupe vegan suede boots. They are described as “tight AF” but that’s the idea of a sock boot, isn’t it? They’re meant to fit like a glove sock.

10. Velvet Leopard Print Ankle Boots

Leopard Print Sock boots

If you have been meaning to buy a pair of printed boots, get a sock pair and you can check off two different styles at once. These leopard print boots are made out of a velvet material to make them a bit more fancy.

11. Carlos by Carlos Santana Reza Hawka Ankle Boots

Carlos by Carlos Santana Bots

Socks boots may be trendy now, but if you buy these black boots now, you can have them in your closet for years and they will not look dated.

(Photo: ASOS)

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