Allen Edmonds History:

Allen Edmonds is famous for men’s dress shoes with style that transcends time.

The company was founded in 1922 in Wisconsin and has been an American institution ever since. They started strong, but like many others had a tough time selling their men’s shoes during the Great Depression. As other shoe companies went out of business, the strong management team kept Allen Edmonds on track by staying true to the company’s core values and superior craftsmanship.

Allen Edmonds shoes

It was a rough few decades, but the 1950’s saw a turnaround and watched the company grow as more professional jobs were added throughout the country. Which meant more men needed perfect dress shoes for the job.

Allen Edmonds shoes were clearly the standard for the young executive in those days.

The company has thrived since and is still known as one of the great American shoe companies never wavering from the quiality or style that has kept them in business for almost a century.

Allen Edmonds Company Mission:

Taken from Allen Edmunds website, this statement says it all:

At Allen-Edmonds, we are committed to quality, service and integrity. These three words make up our motto and provide the roadmap to guide all of our decisions. As manufacturers of premium men’s footwear, accessories and cedar products, our number one priority is to deliver exceptional value to our customers every day. After all, we know our customers are the reason we exist.

VIPs in Allen Edmonds Shoes:

It wasn’t long before Allen Edmonds were being worn by presidents, popes and pros. President Reagan was a big fan of Allen Edmunds dress shoes in the 80s and even wrote the company a nice letter that they display on their website.

He was very impressed with the long history and craftsmanship of the shoes.

Allen-Edmonds Shoes:

Allen Edmonds has always been known as the gold standard for upscale men’s dress shoes. The timeless style and quality have been helping men land jobs, get married and look their best for decades. In addition to dress shoes the company also offers a great selection of loafers, wing tips and have recently introduced a line of golf shoes to round out their offering.

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