how to measure shoe size

Online shopping has numerous advantages. There are many websites that have come up today, and each of these websites offers their products at competitive prices with good deals and discounts.

One can get a wide variety of footwear, bags for girls, or even western dresses online in attractive designs and prices, which can be very lucrative. However, footwear for girls online can be pretty risky. You don’t get to try out the shoes and walk in them to see if they are comfortable. 

Gauging how the shoe will look by seeing the images provided is always insufficient. Yet, the deals and discounts make it too tempting to let go of such offers, and hence we tend to buy shoes online.

Here are some tips provided on how you can reduce the chances of receiving the wrong sized product and the precautions you can take while shopping online.

Measurement Chart

All shopping websites that sell clothing and footwear products for girls provide a measurement chart and size guide. Check these charts and the procedure to measure your feet accordingly to determine your shoe size. Do not try to match your shoe size from the stores with the ones sold online. Most online footwear shows European shoe sizes, which are considered the standard size. If, however you’re aware of your European foot size, it can be a little easier.

Shoe Designs and brands

Even after having checked the size of the footwear information provided online, you have to re-check with the particular designs of shoes.

Some shoes with closed designs, zips, etc., can be difficult to fit into. Some shoes have narrow styles, and people with broader feet may not fit into them even if their size is the same.

All these factors must also be taken into account while buying footwear for girls. Variations in sizes may also vary due to different brands offering different sizes but claiming to be of a particular size.

If you’re aware of the size of a particular brand or have worn shoes of that brand before, you could opt to buy shoes from the same brand online to ensure that sizes don’t vary.

Cash-on delivery

The mode of payment in which you pay cash once the product is delivered at your doorstep is called cash on delivery. This method is the safest possible when online shopping because you can pay for the product when it physically reaches you and avoid the risk of having lost the package in transit. It’s merely a small precaution to take.

Try out shoes at the store:

If you choose shoes of a new brand of footwear for girls online that you haven’t worn before or a style you aren’t sure of, you can visit the store outlets for the brand and try out similar or the same shoes if available and walk around them to see if they are comfortable for your feet.

This way, you also get to check out the shoe size and comfort level and be sure of what you’re buying. After all, there is nothing like checking out a product physically, which you will be unable to do while buying footwear or even western dresses online. You can also be surer of the color as it appears on the computer and whether it is the same physically.

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