5 Sandal Fashion Tips For Women

Sandals are fun and one of the best accessories you can add to your outfit. With the number of different sandals out there, It can be difficult to decide which ones to wear. You have to make sure you are comfortable in them, dressed for the occasion, look stunning, and feel attractive. So how do you know when you are getting the most out of your sandals? Well, that’s the beauty of fashion, you can create your own style! If, however, you aren’t sure where to start, just keep reading for some tips on how to make your fashionable sandals look great!

Different Styles

There are many different styles of sandals, some pop with color, some with design, and some are very minimalistic in their design and how much they show or don’t show. Some different sandal types include gladiators, slingbacks, flip-flops, wedges, and mules. Each different shoe style has an outfit and occasion that they suit.

It’s imperative that no matter which style you go with that it suits the specific occasion as well as your own attire because if you choose incorrectly it could practically destroy your whole otherwise perfect look. Generally, the more intricate design is involved, the less colorful the sandal will be, and that’s due to the importance of drawing most of the attention to one factor rather than multiple so as not to be overwhelming.

Occasion and Comfort

Wearing sandals isn’t always the best fashion choice, especially if you’re just throwing them into an outfit. Occasion matters when you wear sandals. Obviously, try to wear something appropriate in general for any occasion but sandals have more of a gray area than other shoes. The design, the color, and how large they are matter, in a professional setting you might want to keep all of those to a minimum.

In an office setting, with a monochromatic, gray attire, your best bet would be to wear sandals that go along with this; minimalistic, nothing too fancy, but nothing too drab at the same time. If you want to shine then you want to wear sandals that have a design that pops out but also has a color that accentuates your attire and the design, the design should be the focus rather than the color but the outfit should still draw more attention than the sandals.

Maybe you’re trying for a more relaxed or fun environment, in which case the opposite would apply. For example, for a beach, it might be best to wear easily slip-on sandals, either mules or flip-flops would be your best bet, the emphasis would also be less on the design of the sandals and more on the colors, but of course, the colors also depend on the outfit. Water Sandals from Viakix.com will be a great choice if you are going to the beach.

Sandals can work with any occasion as long as you can find an outfit that supports

them or vice versa. But it’s also important to keep in mind that while style matters, your comfort does too. How can you expect yourself to be strutting your stuff even though strutting your stuff is painful or at the least uncomfortable? 

Have Good Looking Feet

Now this one is important, but it doesn’t mean you need to make your feet gorgeous. The focus is on the sandals, not so much what is in the shoe, but just because the focus isn’t on the foot, doesn’t mean that people will also not see your foot. With this, your aim is to at least make your foot unnoticeable and at best, attractive.

This is to say that if people look at your feet and are not disgusted or otherwise don’t care, then you have succeeded. This is a pretty simple tip but it is one that is always important to keep in mind. A bonus to your whole outfit is if your feet are well-groomed in which case they are appealing to look at which will draw more attention to your outfit as a whole.

If your feet look bad, so bad that they’ll only draw negative attention, sandals are not the way to go until you get everything in order. There’s a limited point in looking your best if you can still look better and by not going the extra mile you only disgust others. But chances are, if you’re reading an article about fashion, you probably have appealing enough feet, so congrats. 

Coordinate Sandals With Accessories

Coordinating your attire with your footwear is always a good idea, this is because it just completes the look, which makes you even more fashionable than you already were. But, something that can commonly be overlooked is coordinating your footwear with your accessories.

This is commonly overlooked because it’s not necessarily part of your attire, it’s temporary, it can be removed or put on at a moment’s notice. And because they are usually put on when your outfit is “finished,” you might not think to wear sandals that also go with your accessories. But if you do, it’ll give a fully completed look that will make you feel more beautiful than you already felt.

Popping in Monochromatic

You can go two ways with this, either have sandals that add to your outfit, or have sandals that go against your outfit in a good way. A monochromatic outfit can be boring if not done correctly, but if it is done correctly then it can give you a “pop” in your style. To achieve this pop, your sandals need to help your outfit.

And with that, they can help in either two ways, as mentioned, they can either be the same color as the rest of the outfit which will only add to the monochromatic completeness or, you can go a completely opposite direction and have an opposite but still appealing color respecting the outfit’s color, in other words, sandal color(s) that compliments your outfit nicely.

Best Summer Sandals

Sandal Fashion

There is only so much to say about sandal fashion, there are so many outfit configurations that go well together you would find it difficult to not find one that you or someone else likes. This is because there are many types of sandals and finding the right pair that suits your needs can be found by figuring out the occasion and how comfortable you want to be or how much you want to stand out.

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