Update: Orthaheel is now Vionic, a brand that offers the same sole-hugging technology with modern classics and fresh trends. The change was made due to customer feedback that the Orthaheel name sounded “old” and “orthopedic”. Orthaheel footwear and orthotics are designed by Phillip Vasyli to help restore natural foot function and well-being for women and men.

Are you tired of sacrificing style for comfort in your footwear? Orthaheel sandals offer the best of both worlds, providing natural pain relief while also being fashionable.

Anyone who has ever experienced foot pain but dislikes wearing ugly “comfort” shoes will be pleasantly surprised to find that summer sandals are available that combine the benefits of orthotics with fashionable summer style.

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After having experienced some heel and knee pain, I put myself in that category because much of the footwear that is supposed to be comfortable just does not look very good at all, and I certainly don’t want to wear ugly shoes.

I tried Orthaheel sandals (the Lola style in white, which is decorated with gold and silver metal rings), and I’m happy with both the comfort level and the cute factor.

The Theory Behind Orthaheel

Orthaheel shoes, including sandals, are designed to provide relief for a variety of foot, leg, and back pain.

The theory behind Orthaheel is that our feet are meant to walk on soft, natural surfaces, but in today’s world, we often stand or walk on hard surfaces, which can cause flatter arches and misalignment of the feet and legs.

Orthaheel footwear helps control the roll-over effect and align the feet properly, offering pain relief without the need for medication (though if you have an injury, be sure to seek medical treatment).

Benefits of Orthaheel Sandals:

  • Reduce pain in the ball of the foot, bunions, flat feet/arch pain, heel, legs, shin, knees, and back
  • Come in stylish designs that don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort
  • Offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Available in size 5 for petite feet

In addition to pain relief, Orthaheel sandals come in several fashionable styles. For me, this is a top reason for wearing Orthaheel sandals: they look like regular cute summer sandals. Others can’t tell by looking at them that Orthaheel sandals are made with orthotic support.

Another benefit of Orthaheel sandals is that there’s a 30-day, money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, so it’s really difficult to go wrong.

In addition, petites, who often need small shoes for their petite feet, it’s good to know that Orthaheel sandals are available in size 5.

I give these summer sandals a big thumbs up!

I highly recommend Orthaheel sandals! However, there are a couple of potential drawbacks to consider:

  • They only come in medium width and whole sizes. I typically wear a 6.5, but the size 6 Orthaheel sandals fit me well.
  • The manufacturer recommends wearing the sandals for a few hours at first to allow your feet to adjust. They should be “completely comfortable and supportive” within a week or two of wearing. This wasn’t a problem for me, as I found the sandals comfortable almost immediately and wore them all day on a short trip.

Where to Buy Orthaheel Sandals:

You can purchase Orthaheel sandals on the manufacturer’s website or at retailers such as Zappos (which offers free shipping and returns in the US) and FootSmart. You can also use the Orthaheel Store Locator to find retailers in your area.

Looking for comfortable and fashionable summer footwear? Give Orthaheel sandals a try!

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