Mismatched shoes are a fashion trend that has become popular in recent years. They are often seen as a way to express individual style and creativity. Mismatched shoes can be found in stores such as Amazon, Mismatched Shoes in New Zealand, and Azyaamode.

Remember when Helena Bonham Carter who two different shoes on the Golden Globes red carpet back in 2011? Well, the fashion world has finally caught up with her because mismatched shoes are now an unlikely fashion trend.

Things started when Celine showed mismatched heels as part of its Spring 2017 runway show. While some might have thought it was an interesting styling trick, the majority of them wrote it off as something that would be left for the runway as opposed to real life. Well, just like other unexpected fashion trends (hello, crop tops), people are trying out the mismatched shoe trend in real life.

A few fashionistas are taking inspiration from Celine and playing around with contrasting heels and ankle boots, but others are experimenting with all different types of footwear. At last count, the #mismatchedshoes hashtag on Instagram has over 11,200 examples. And they feature a range of shoes, from loafers to running shoes to ballet flats. And there are some who are trying the lookout with sandals.

If you’re going to try out the trend, the key thing is to make it look intentional. You don’t want people to wonder whether you really did get dressed in the dark and whether you realize you’re wearing two different shoes. So, own it.

Mismatched shoe trend

mismatched shoes trend

The mismatched shoe fashion trend has been gaining popularity since it was first seen on the runway at Céline in 2022. It has since been embraced by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and is now seen as a way to express individual style and creativity.

Stores such as Amazon, Mismatched Shoes in New Zealand, and Azyaamode offer a variety of mismatched shoes for those looking to try out the trend.

Style tips

mismatched shoes style tips

Wearing mismatched shoes is a great way to express individual style and creativity. To pull off the look:

  1. Choose shoes that have something matching about them, such as similar colors or textures.
  2. Avoid choosing different styles of shoes, as this can make you look too busy.
  3. When wearing mismatched shoes, keep other components of your outfit on the low to ensure the shoes are the focus of the look.

Mismatch basketball shoes

Mismatched basketball shoes are a popular trend that can be found in stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike, Foot Locker, and Flight Club. Additionally, Reddit has a dedicated subreddit for discussing mismatched basketball shoes.

Oh, and make sure you choose shoes of the same height and style. You want to avoid hobbling around because one shoe is higher than the other.

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