Lace-up shoes have been around for centuries, and they show no signs of going out of style. In fact, the popularity of lace-ups seems to be growing more and more with each passing year. There are many reasons why lace-ups are timeless, which we’ll cover in the points below! But first, let’s start with where they came from in the first place.

The history of lace-up shoes

Lace-up shoes have a long and rich history that dates back centuries. They were first worn by European nobility in the Middle Ages, and they quickly became a symbol of status and power. Lace-ups then made their way to the New World with the Pilgrims, and they’ve been worn by Americans ever since.

Interestingly, the style of lace-up shoes has changed very little over the years. The biggest difference is that they’re now made with much more comfortable materials and construction techniques. But other than that, they’ve pretty much stayed the same!

How lace-up shoes are made

Lace-up shoes are made with a few simple materials: leather, fabric, thread, and laces. The leather or fabric is cut into the shape of the shoe, and then the sole is attached. After that, the laces are threaded through eyelets on either side of the shoe and tied in a bow or knot.

The benefits of wearing lace-ups

There are many benefits to wearing lace-up shoes, both for your feet and for your overall style. For one, they’re very comfortable and provide good support for your feet. They’re also great for people with narrow or wide feet, as the laces can be adjusted to get the perfect fit. And finally, they simply look great! There’s something about a well-made pair of lace-up shoes that can really elevate an outfit.

How to care for your lace-ups

Caring for your lace-up shoes is actually very simple. The most important thing is to keep them clean and polished. You can do this by brushing them with a soft cloth after every wear and using shoe polish or leather conditioner when necessary. It’s also important to avoid getting them wet, as this can damage the material. If you take care of your lace-ups, they’ll last you for many years to come!

The different types of lace-up shoes available on the market today

The most common are Oxfords, which are characterized by their closed lacing system and sleek silhouette. Derby shoes also have a closed lacing system, but they’re usually more comfortable and have a slightly more relaxed look.

Brogues are another popular option and come in both formal and casual styles. Finally, there are also chukka boots, which are lace-up ankle boots that are perfect for fall and winter.

Ready to update your shoe collection?

Now that you know all about lace-up shoes, it’s time to start shopping! There’s no shortage of online retailers where you can browse an eclectic range of high-end lace-up shoes for every occasion and style preference.

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