Stylish Picks for Teen Boys and Young Adults

Whether it’s a high school or a college campus you’re returning to this semester, it won’t do to be wearing the same stale sneakers you were wearing when you left last spring. Instead, check out some of 2013’s most stylish options in back to school shoes for guys, listed below.

Your feet, and your friends, will thank you.

Back to School Shoes
Back to School Shoes for Guys: Sneakers are a given for any high school or college guy, but they don’t have to be basic or boring.


You wouldn’t be a student if you didn’t practically live in sneakers.

But just because you want to be comfortable, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be stylish. Here are a few of the hottest brands going. Among them, I’m sure you’ll find at least one pair of shoes to love.

  • Converse ‘Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox’: These classic sneakers need no introduction, and will never go out of style.
  • Vans ‘Classic Slip-On’: Another legend, these classic slip-on shoes couldn’t be any cooler if they tried. (Buy Direct)
  • Macbeth ‘Eliot Vegan’: These shoes aren’t just a great choice for vegans, they’re a great choice for anyone who wants a cool, stylish, but totally uncomplicated pair of sneakers. And, they come in several awesome color combinations. (Buy Direct)
  • Sneakers: For the hard-core sneaker addict, or for more in-depth reviews and information.

Casual Shoes:

Like I said, you probably spend a lot of time in sneakers, but I want you to think outside of that particular shoe box for a minute… casual shoes. Trust me, they can be every bit as comfortable, and even cooler if you know where to look.

Check out a few of these brands and styles for some of the best options.

  • Sanuk ‘Vagabond’ Sidewalk Surfer: I’m crazy about Sanuk shoes. They’re comfy, they’re cool, and they’re affordable. And honestly, you could grab anything from their line and do well, but I’m linking to the ‘Vagabond’ because it’s one of the most representative styles of this beloved brand.
  • Merrell ‘Jungle Moc’: It seems all genders and age groups can appreciate the comfort and easy styling of these classic slip-on shoes.
  • Clarks ‘Jink’ Lace-Up Shoes: Available with a suede or smooth leather finish, these are like a shortened version of the classic chukka boot.
  • Bed Stu ‘Uncle Larry’ Loafers: Unless you have the coolest uncle in the world, these loafers are likely to become your favorite uncle ever.

Men’s Boots – The Anti-Sneaker:

The boots can make the man. Seriously. When it comes to footwear, nothing means business like a great pair of boots. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few my favorites for this season.

  • John Varvatos ‘Hipster Chukka’ : There are few things cooler and more laid-back than a pair of chukka boots, and they’re a great sneaker-alternative for jeans and tees.
  • Doc Martens ‘1460 Worn Broken-In’ : They may have their roots in counter-culture, but you don’t have to alternative, grunge, a punk, or even all that rebellious to appreciate this icon of the footwear world.
  • Teva ‘Mush Atoll Chukka’ : A bit more rugged and sporty than a traditional Chukka, these casual boots look great in sand or black.

Designer and Dress Shoes for Guys:

All kidding aside, I know some of you guys are very fashion-forward, God love you. For you, and for those special occasion, I’ve included these designer labels and dress shoes. While many of the designer styles won’t be affordable on the average student’s budget, you’ll get plenty of ideas about what to look for.

And even if you have no idea who Hugo Boss is, or why they’re called bicycle toes, you should check them out — a great shoe really does make a great impression.

  • Bed Stu Footwear: With styles ranging from casual to dressy, Bed Stu always has a great selection of cool shoes and boots to choose from.
  • John Varvatos Shoes: Be still my heart, I love John Varvatos’ men’s shoes. Seriously, if I was a guy, I’d buy them all. Since I’m not, I’ll just have to spread the word to as many guys as I can… and that means you.
  • Men’s Shoes from Hugo Boss: Whether you opt for a pair of sneakers or a pair of killer dress oxfords, you’ll never be out of step with a pair of Hugo Boss shoes in your closet.
  • Steve Madden Shoes for Men: Steve Madden shoes aren’t as pricey as some of the other designers, and he has a huge selection of trendy and classic styles to choose from.
  • More on Men’s Fashion and Designers: And, if you’re really serious about upping your fashion quotient, you’ll be sure to have a look at’s site for men’s fashion and grooming.

Shopping for Shoes:

Swamped with homework, and no time to make it to the mall? Check out some of these top shopping sites. You’ll find more cool shoes than you ever dreamed possible.

A Bit of Advice:

Even for the most seasoned shoe shopper, all of the footwear options can sometimes seem overwhelming. If you’re looking for some basic (and not-so-basic) shoe tips, check out the articles below.

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  • Men’s Shoe Sizes – Loads of size charts, and instructions on measuring your feet.

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