Athletic shoes have gotten completely out of hand. In addition to Nike, there are a million different ones to choose from and the men’s cross trainer market is starting to heat up. I like to do a lot of different exercises and I’m always looking for a new cross trainer. Today, let’s take a look at Nike cross-trainers and how they stack up.

Men's Nike Cross Trainers Review
Review: Men’s Nike Cross Trainers

One Pro of Men’s Nike Cross Trainer Shoes: Style

Nike always nails the style of their shoes – they look very cool. They seem to have an understated look with their cross trainers that they don’t have with their basketball shoes. I chose a design that was basic white in style with red and black trim. The trainers come in both low cut and a ¾ cut for a little more ankle support.

Price: Another Pro of Nike Cross Trainer Shoes for Men

My shoes cost $80 which I consider cheap for athletic shoes these days with so many fetching up to $140 for top of the line performance. A great deal.

Con of the Nike Cross Trainer Shoes for Men: Durability

I used my Nike cross trainers mainly for working out in the gym and for coaching my son’s football team and my shoes were pretty much done in a matter of months. Maybe it’s just that they don’t fit my feet well, but I expect to get more out of my shoes if I’m not really beating them up. If I’m putting a lot of miles on them while training for a marathon, I understand, but not when I’m lifting weights and chasing 10 year old on a football field.

My Conclusion on Men’s Nike Cross Trainers

While there are more and more companies making cross trainers these days, Nike is still king. They have a ton of different styles and models to choose from and continue to evolve with every release. The one thing I’ve learned is that you’re either a Nike person, or you’re not.

Unfortunaltely, I’m not. They’re just too narrow and just don’t work for me. And while I think there are a lot of better shoes out there, Nike still works for a ton of people who are thrilled with their performance.

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