As important as it is to have a good pair of flip flops in the summer, it’s even more important for men to have two pairs of killer winter boots.

You need one to wear when the weather is a little nasty and you need to get to work or the store, and another pair for when the weather has turned your world upside down and you need to get outside to chip your car out of a block of ice, find the dog, or dig your satellite dish out of a bluff of snow.

Men's Winter Boots

Let’s look at both.

1. Men’s Winter Boots: When You Have to Go to the Office

These are the boots that you’ll need when the weather stinks, but you’re going to the office anyway. You need to protect your feet, but still need to look like the professional you are. Stride Wise can help you look for great pairs of boots that can give you style, comfort, and protection in any weather.

  1. Style: You need to be presentable since you’re still in a professional setting. The boots need to look good enough with a pair of jeans so when you walk into a meeting people don’t look at you like you’re scaling Mt. Everest.
  2. Function: These need to be waterproof and high enough on the ankle so if you have to step through snow or water, you won’t ruin your entire day.
  3. Flexibility: They need to be flexible enough for you to move around on a normal day. You don’t need something that will be stiff and limit your mobility. Find boots that will protect your feet, but will also work as everyday shoes.

2. Men’s Winter Boots for When Winter Hits You Hard

Now let’s explore the boots you’ll need when your world has been hit hard by the weather. That could mean intense cold, ice rain, snow … or all of the above. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Seam-sealed waterproof protection: if you get wet – your day is only going to get worse. Keeping dry when the temperatures are below zero is crucial.
  2. A rating under 0 degrees: You need to make sure that the boots are going to keep you warm for those rare winter storms where the wind chill is below zero and snowdrifts can go crazy. If you’re digging a car out these boots need to keep you comfortable for a long time.
  3. A boot that is high enough: Make sure the boot is high enough to keep water and snow from hitting your feet. Ankle-high boots will not cut it when Mother Nature has it in for you.

Winter Boots for Men – Top Picks in Men’s Winter Boots

When the weather is cold, wet, snowy, or icy, you will need a pair of top-notch winter boots. Below are some of my top picks in men’s winter boots, designed to keep you dry and warm, even in some of the worst conditions.

When you’re done looking over the list, you may want to check out readers’ feedback on which brands make the warmest winter boots or share your own thoughts on the topic.

Winter Boots for Men
Winter Boots for Men

The North Face ‘Chilkats’ – Insulated Winter Boots

Protection with a capital “P” is what you’ll get with these stylish boots from The North Face. With waterproof uppers, 200g Primaloft® insulation, rustproof hardware, and more winter-beating technologies than I could possibly list, these boots also have a great, rugged look.

Kamik ‘Nationplus’ – Easy Care Winter Boots

With self-cleaning lug soles, and waterproof suede and nylon uppers, these boots will take care of you, and themselves. Great for guys who don’t like or need really tall boots, these rugged, above-the-ankle boots are still tall enough to keep the snow out, and are comfort-rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Columbia ‘Bugastump Omni-Tech’ – Hiker-Style Winter Boots

Looking like a cross between hiking boots, trainers, and winter boots, these big, bad boots from Columbia feature 200 gram Thinsulate insulation to keep you extra warm. And thanks to their ballistic mesh uppers with leather overlays, they’re pretty cool-looking as well.

Pajar ‘Max’ – Winter Boots for Men

There are times when you need a winter boot that’s not quite so winter-bootish, and that is when styles like the Pajar ‘Max’ come in.

With classic chukka styling, these boots can easily take the place of shoes in any casual situation, while the suede uppers and shearling lining will help keep you warm on chilly days.

Of course, if conditions are snowy, icy, or extremely cold, you’ll definitely want to stick with one of the more protective boots listed above. Or, check out my top picks in men’s snow boots.

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