A men’s suit always looks advantageous if it is harmoniously complemented by the right shoes. The most common option is a black jacket, trousers and black boots. But after all, this color is not always present in the wardrobe of a man. Consider how to choose shoes for a suit of any color so that the image looks appropriate, harmonious and moderately bright.

Usually, for men’s tailoring of men’s business and formal wear, standard colors are chosen – black, blue, dark gray, light gray and brown. Classic shoes are black, brown and burgundy. Consider what men’s shoes are suitable for a suit of a certain shade.


A black men’s suit will suit only the same color shoes. That is, for example, brown shoes with a black suit will not be combined, regardless of whether you choose a light or dark shade of shoes.

This is the case when there can be no compromises. Therefore, if you want to combine colors with each other, get a suit of a different color – several color options of RM Williams shoes will suit it.

Dark blue

Boots for a men’s suit in dark blue will suit almost any. Brown boots are especially harmoniously combined with blue, but black also looks very advantageous.

If you are a fan of brighter looks, pay attention to burgundy shoes – they are also combined with blue shades.

In general, the shoes that you wear under a blue suit determine the level of officiality of the event you are going to attend:

Black shoes define a strict dress code;

Brown shoes and Burgundy shoes are a kind of compromise between formality and informality;

Burgundy shoes are a more informal option.

Blue is a universal color in men’s wardrobe. This is due to the fact that it will not take long to think and choose what color shoes will go with a blue suit.

Light gray

We select shoes for a light gray suit. holy

A light gray suit allows for an even greater variety of shoe colors than blue. Shoes are suitable not only for standard black and brown tones, but also shoes of a different color:

  • White;
  • purple;
  • Blue;
  • Burgundy.

However, there is one detail – no matter what color of shoes you choose, you need to supplement it with another part of the wardrobe, for example, a tie, belt, shirt.

Dark grey

Black shoes and burgundy shoes are perfect for a dark gray men’s suit. It also allows combinations with shoes of an informal burgundy shade, however, combining a dark gray tone with brown shoes is categorically not recommended – this will have the effect of combining black with brown and, accordingly, look ridiculous.

Also, blue and white shoes are suitable for dark gray, if they are complemented by another wardrobe detail – a tie, belt or shirt – everything is the same as in the case of a light gray suit.


In the question of what shoes to wear with a brown men’s suit, there is only one absolute rule – black shoes will not fit this tone. But other classic colors – brown or burgundy – will fit perfectly into this image.

It is worth noting that when combining brown shoes and a classic brown suit, the shades of these wardrobe elements should still be different. Ideally, if the shoes are a tone darker than the suit fabric.

However, not only the color of the suit determines which shoes will suit it. Shoes also come in different styles, which should be emphasized separately.

A tuxedo and a classic suit, contrary to popular belief, are not the same thing. Accordingly, different shoes are needed for them.

The tuxedo is distinguished by the presence of satin lapels on the jacket and the same stripes on the trousers. It has an exclusively official purpose and is worn on solemn events.

Oxfords and derby shoes are perfect for a tuxedo. The lacing in Oxfords is completely closed. This is the most standard and correct version of the classics – the foundation of the business style of clothing.

Derby shoes are a little looser. They are suitable for both a tuxedo and regular casual jeans. Derby lacing is slightly more open than Oxfords.

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