I am not easy to please in many aspects of my life. So that being said, it’s rare for me to gush over men’s shoes. This time is different. There have been very few shoes that I was smitten with the second I put them on. That doesn’t happen enough. That happened with my pair of Frye men’s oxfords. There were very few flaws and the oxfords felt great.

Review of Frye Oxford Shoes for Men
Review of Frye Oxford Shoes for Men

Pros of Frye Oxfords: Comfort and Style

The Frye oxfords have a timeless style that will last as long as you own your Fryes. The top grain leather has a casual elegance about it that will serve you well whether you’re at the office, on a first date, or taking in a game with the guys. The crepe leather outsole is really cool and is something that I guarantee that none of your other shoes have.

It’s really different. This is a shoe for almost any occasion.

Quality: Another Pro of Frye Oxfords for Men

This is where Frye boots and shoes for men really distingusish themselves. The quality is tough to beat. You don’t have to be an expert to know this after looking at these shoes for about 10 seconds. The leather is top-notch, they’re hand-stitched and the leather in the upper in soft and comfortable. Someone took great care in building these.

Cons of Frye Oxfords: Price

There is really only one negative I can find to these shoes: price. The price tag starts at about $148, and is a bit high. Most casual oxfords I’ve worn through the years were anywhere from $80-110 so these take that next step up. That being said, the quality and craftsmanship you receive from these shoes are worth the extra $50. It’s tough to swallow – especially in this economy, but if you can swing it – do it.

Conclusion: Frye ‘Hudson’ Oxfords for Men

If you’re looking for a manly casual oxford, then this is your new go-to shoe.

It’ll go great with khakis, dress up a pair of jeans and can be worn to work with ease. The crepe leather outsole really helps distinguish them from most of the other casual oxfords out there. Also, this shoe will not go out of style. Frye has a unique ability to build timeless shoes and boots that help make men feel like men.

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