History of Cole Haane:

Cole Haan is famous for men’s shoes that transcend time with styles that are classic in their approach, but also weave in today’s look for that perfect blend. Since Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan made their first shoe in Chicago in 1928, the company has been dedicated to quality.

By the 1950s Cole Haan had carved out a nice niche in college’s across the nation with men’s shoe styles including saddle bucks, penny loafers and handsewn prep styles.

Cole Haan Men's Shoes
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By the 1980s they were a solidified brand and made a big impact by introducing the driving moc to the United States after discovering them in Brazil. Their biggest splash in the 1980s came when Nike acquired Cole Haan to add high end, quality dress shoes to their athletic portfolio.

This brought the company to new heights and they followed by adding women’s apparel, two flagship stores in New York and growing internationally.


In 2008 Cole Haan came out and said they would no longer use fur in any of their products. The parent company, Nike never used fur, but Cole Haan had used it in some of their women’s products.

Cole Haan Men’s Shoes:

Cole Haan men’s shoes are known for being sophisticated, elegant and very high quality. The designers take into account every angle when designing the shoe so they look great no matter where they are viewed from. While known for their loafers and driving shoes, Cole Haan also creates one of the finest men’s dress shoes on the market today.

The NIKE AIR technology that was added to their shoes is a godsend for those on their feet all day, giving that heel area added comfort. The commitment to style and technology make Cole Haan men’s shoes some of the finest on the market today.

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