Men's Shoes: A Guide to Business Shoes, Sneakers and More

Unless you’re simply putting your feet up at home, shoes are absolutely essential to finish off every outfit, regardless of the occasion. Whilst women often seem spoiled for choice, men’s shoes can come in an incredible array of colors, styles, and materials. Deciding what you need, as with most elements of dressing, is all about the occasion. Black business shoes can be ideal for the office, but if you are planning a relaxed weekend, a pair of brown shoes or tan shoes such as boat shoes is a far better option. Of course, once you start considering the options when it comes to men’s sneakers, the variety expands even further!

If you want the perfect pair of shoes for any given occasion, here are a few basics you could look at buying as a priority.

Men’s Business Shoes

A pair of black business shoes is a must-have if you work in an office-type environment. If you are likely to wear these shoes regularly, then it pays to spend a bit extra if that will ensure you have the best quality shoes for your budget. A good pair of shoes will remain comfortable and will continue to look good and remain comfortable over an extended period of time.

Men’s Dress Shoes

Typically, men’s dress shoes come in black. However, there are a range of choices available if your want something a bit more modern. If you don’t want to stray too far from convention, then try black in a different type of finish, such as crocodile skin. If you want something more adventurous, then you can find dress shoes in a range of colors and finishes. The key is to keep other elements of your outfit simple if you go for a super trendy pair of shoes. There are also some varieties of dress shoes like travel dress shoes for men, you can check out.

Boat shoes

These brown shoes are a popular choice for casual dressing, not simply for wearing on boats! The classic boat shoes come as either brown shoes or tan shoes. These simple loafer style shoes are ideal when you are looking for something simple and relaxed. Tan boat shoes work well with a relaxed, casual outfit and are ideal for long, lazy summer days.

Men’s Sneakers

These days, the humble men’s sneaker is available in a seemingly endless variety of materials and colors. If you want something that leans toward the smarter side, then a pair of leather or suede sneakers is considered acceptable for wearing to an evening out at a pub or nightclub. A pair of simpler canvas sneakers is a straightforward option if you would prefer something more modern than a classic boat shoe to complete a casual outfit.

The choice of shoe can reflect your individual style and taste. If you prefer more traditional clothing, then a more traditional style of shoe will best compliment your outfits. If you prefer to dress in super stylish and cutting-edge fashion, then you might want to try a modern style of shoe in an unusual color or finish. With the many choices available these days, there is no reason to limit your style only to your clothing. Picking the right pair of shoes will finish off your outfit to perfection.

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