How to Wear Heels Without Looking Like a Fool
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In a perfect world, women could wear heels any time they want without ever worrying about looking like a fool, but we don’t live in that world. Whether it’s because of an awkward height difference between you and your significant other or just an unfortunate style mishap, looking foolish in heels happens to the best of us. As long as you have the right clothes on to match your heels, though, you can still look good while wearing them with nearly any outfit you can dream up!

We’ve got you covered with these 8 amazing ideas to match outfits with heels in any situation. You might also want to check to find the best pair of Italian made heels just for you.

The Basics: Shoes and Pants

Every wardrobe needs a good, classic pair of pants. They can be worn casually or dressy and they don’t necessarily have to match an outfit – they can be the outfit! In fact, a pair of black pants is perhaps one of my favorite items in a woman’s closet because it can be paired with just about anything. The key is finding a flattering cut for your body type and choosing something that will last for many seasons (most likely dark wash denim). High-quality trousers should run you no less than $100.00 and Habbot studios even have tips on how to stretch your budget further by not opting for a full-length pair.

Mix Up Prints

I’m a huge fan of mixing prints. Even if you don’t like your clothes being matchy-matchy, sometimes combining different elements—like a shirt and blazer or skirt and shoes—makes an outfit more interesting. To avoid looking like you just threw everything in your closet together, consider mixing patterns instead of colors. Pairing stripes with polka dots or flowers will help your outfits look intentional without being too matchy-matchy. And sometimes simply adding accessories can pull an outfit together and make it look intentionally styled.

Layer Up

Layering can be your best friend when it comes to getting dressed. Different fabrics—like cotton, nylon, or silk—will drape differently, which means that when you layer up you’ll look put together even if you aren’t wearing a full outfit. A lot of people focus on pants and shirts when building an outfit (and for good reason), but don’t forget about your skirts, cardigans, jackets, scarves, and boots. When putting together an outfit make sure everything compliments each other and fits well so that everything is in proportion. If something doesn’t fit right on top or underneath another piece of the clothing remove it from your ensemble until it does because it will only distract from everything else in your outfit.


When in doubt, throw on a scarf. A simple, print one adds flair and personality. If you want to look more refined and polished, opt for delicate silk or knitted one that matches your outfit’s color scheme. And don’t underestimate fun accessories like jewelry and necklaces. They can add serious sparkle without overpowering your entire outfit. Think subtle gold hoops that match your earrings or even multi-strand chokers made of multiple metals for a layered look. Whatever you choose, pair it with a classic piece like an overcoat (or warm jacket), dressy shoes, and clutch purse—and voila! You’ve mastered Habbot studios’ quick tips on how to match outfits with heels!

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Practicality Prevails

With Habbot studios’ 8 ideas, you will be able to choose outfits that look great on you and match perfectly with your heels. Instead of trying to find a compromise between what you want to wear and what is acceptable for work, go ahead and play around more! There are more ways than one for matching outfits with heels that don’t look so jarring. With these 8 outfit ideas, pairing clothing pieces together just got a whole lot easier. You can now be adventurous in choosing your clothing items without any worry of them crashing against your shoes. Go ahead and strut out in style!

Don’t Overdo It!

Be careful not to make your outfits too matchy-matchy. Sometimes, too much pattern can cause a look to feel busy. So remember: it’s okay for your shoes and purse to be similar shades of burgundy, but if you want them to work together in an outfit, they shouldn’t both be exactly red. Instead, choose one item that is a bit deeper or darker than you would normally wear. (You can also choose an accent color—say, teal or mint—to put next to deep burgundy instead.) That way you have some leeway when coordinating accessories with outfits. If you love wearing heels and matching everything up though—go for it!

Get Creative

One of the most important things that every woman needs to know is how to match outfits with heels. Sure, matching outfits can be pretty easy. In fact, it’s done before you even realize it. It’s usually when you look at a picture of yourself and wonder why your outfit doesn’t look as good as it did in your head or when an outfit combination that seemed like a great idea when you looked at it online really doesn’t look so great on you (i.e., color blocking!). Being able to match outfits with heels can save you a lot of embarrassment and make sure that everything looks perfect together.

The Perfect Pumps

Pumps are great for almost any occasion, but some styles work better than others. This is why it’s important to learn how to wear heels properly. For example, you want your pumps to be pointy enough so that they elongate your leg and also pair well with pants or skirts. These are only some of the tips you can use when learning how to pick out heels or match outfits with pumps. All in all, heels will always make you look more professional so learning how to wear them well is essential!


From celebrities at red carpet events to office workers walking around their cubicles, it’s hard not to look at heels as an item of clothing reserved only for special occasions. And yes, that’s correct. The majority of us are not born with tall enough legs and feet to wear high heels. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have options when it comes to wearing them in your day-to-day life. Sometimes comfort matters more than fashion, so if you want to wear heels often but don’t feel like breaking down just yet, follow these 8 ideas on how you can match up outfits with your favorite pumps.

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