The best footwear of the season is casual but chic. Cowboy boots are a fashion staple and a hot trend for spring. Kendall Jenner, FKA Twigs, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid are just a few celebrities who have added some western flair to their wardrobes. Gen Z and millennials may be leading the way, but anyone can find inspiration on the runway, the street, and on social media. This look is all about Y2K and calls back to the free spirit of the Wild West.

When it comes to styling cowboy boots in 2023, there are a few things to keep in mind. Unless you’re headed to the rodeo, try not to take the western theme too literally; gingham and prairie skirts are not advised. Instead, use cowboy boots to add punch to more contemporary outfits that nod to resurgent trends of the past. You can combine cowboy boots with trendy skirts, denim jeans, blazers, shorts, midi dresses, sweaters, vintage tees, and more. The trick is in coordinating your outfit to look interesting and put-together. Here’s how you can rock the cowboy boot trend this spring.

How to Style Black Boots

Nothing says rock ’n’ roll like a black boot, and a western cut gives this city staple a wildflower edge.

Look 1: A White Cotton Dress

For a crisp, romantic, nostalgic, and clean look, try an airy white dress with inky black boots. The white cotton looks innocent and fresh, while the boots ground and toughen your style. A touch of lace can play beautifully off the leather to create an uncomplicated outfit full of potential.

A White Cotton Dress
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Look 2: The Man (or Woman) in Black

A black outfit will always look sleek, but since it’s spring, pay special attention to the cut and movement of your clothes. Keep the fabric breezy and loose, or let it skim your body. When it’s warm, show some skin with a short-sleeved style, a slit skirt, or a scoop neckline.

Look 3: Animal Prints

For a sophisticated look in the urban jungle, pair your black cowboy boots with a flowy, below-the-knee skirt or dress in an animal print. Top it off with a solid black blazer or a leather jacket.

How to Style White Boots

White cowboy boots look cool while making a statement. They can be punk, avant-garde, modern, or minimalist, and they’re sure to get you noticed.

Look 1: A Vintage Tee

For casual rock and roll nostalgia, match tall white boots with a cool pair of shades and an oversized T-shirt worn as a dress. Dark colors, animal graphics, bold prints, and pale accents look especially great. For a little more exposure, wear your boots with an ultra-mini skirt, short shorts, or bike shorts.

Look 2: Neutrals

You can create a subtle, tone-on-tone look with white boots and pale gray or beige neutrals. Channel soft spring breezes with drapey fabrics like linen, silk, cotton, and lightweight merino wool. Choose a cream-colored knit or a sweatshirt, then coordinate your top with a relaxed round or almond toe boot.

Look 3: Blazer and Denim Shorts

For a leggy look, combine tall white cowboy boots with denim shorts. Keep your top simple. You can layer a plain white tee under a button-down shirt, long cardigan, or blazer, or try out a crop top or a tank. The key is to tweak a classic outfit so that your boots are your style hero.

Look 4: A Metallic Dress

A bit of shimmer gives a white boot glamour. In the daytime, a pearlescent slip dress will help you glide through the day. At night, you can shine with satin, foil, or glitter and take your white boots up a notch with gold or silver studs or crystal rhinestone accents. Use moderation and a light touch to keep this look up-to-date.

How to Style Brown Boots

When you want to relax, tan, caramel, camel, or brown cowboy boots can get you in tune with nature, bohemia, and life on the road.

Look 1: Wear Them With a Midi Skirt

Tan and chestnut-hued boots can look great with a bronze, copper, or green midi skirt. Keep the shape A-line and easygoing, but make the fabric luxe. Pair with an oversized top in peach, mint, olive, coral, or red.

Look 2: Jeans

For an effortless look, you can always pair tan or caramel-colored boots with jeans in a light or medium wash. Make sure your boots and denim are complementary and wear an easygoing top that ties the look together. Try wearing flared jeans over the tops of tall boots or tucking your boyfriend jeans into boots that stop at mid-calf.

How to Wear Brightly Colored Boots

Red boots are a standout choice that can be playful or bold. With clever styling, this take-charge color can brighten your day without taking over your look. You can also find cowboy boots in vibrant hues of pink, teal, blue, or multi-colored.

Look 1: Pair With Patterns

Try colorful boots with dark distressed jeans and a Liberty print floral shirt, or go artsy with a simple tee and painted jeans.

Look 2: Wear With Pastels

Pair some cute boots with a spring skirt in powder blue, a dress in sunny yellow, or cream-colored trousers. The warm and airy tones complement each other, while the boot provides a pop of color that’s not too in-your-face.

How to Style Metallic Boots

Silver or gold boots are fantastic, dreamy, and otherworldly. You can also find cowboy boots in shimmery metallic pinks and other colors. They bring sparkle to your life and make your day extraordinary.

How to Style Metallic Boots
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Look 1: Pair With Neutrals

Metallic boots are all about texture and shine. You can wear them with a black, gray, blue, white, or lilac dress or pair them with light and medium-wash denim.

Look 2: Pair With Bold Fabrics

Consider the cut and polish of the boot — a shiny mirror or crackled glaze finish will pair with bolder fabrics and sharper, more tailored designs, while a matte finish will give your outfit a subtle glow.

Make Cowboy Boots the Star of Your Show

Cowboy boots are an accessible trend that can work for anyone as long as you keep a few things in mind. As a rule of thumb, the shorter the skirt, the taller the boot. Wear boots that feel like a natural expression of your personality; don’t let the boots overpower your outfit. Dress to feel good, and make up the rules as you go. With a bit of confidence and creativity, you can make this look your own and take on spring with style.

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