Ankle boots fall into the rare category of having the versatility to fit into any occasion, all seasons (except perhaps the extreme Indian summer months), and outfits. Ankle boots are just like a white t-shirt and a black dress, which can be accessorized and coordinated to happily fit in and look good anytime and anywhere.

Finding the right pair of Tommy Hilfiger shoes for women might be more taxing than figuring out the outfit to wear with them. The choices are multiple, from a simple pair of Chelsea ankle boots, combat boots, Doc Martens, or sharp ankle stilettos; look for a comfortable pair of good quality to walk with you for a long time. As for the outfits and styling, we have some tips that will look great with your ankle boots.

Styling tips for your ankle boots

  1. Wide-Leg Jeans: Fashion travels in a circle, and wide-leg or flared jeans are back in style. Wear a sleek pair of block-heeled or flat-heeled ankle boots in basic colours like black, white, or brown. A slightly cropped hem with ankle boots looks classic and elegant, especially in a black pair with a sleeker, tighter fit that extends a little beyond the ankles. This look also adds length to your legs and height. Are you looking for a French look? Then wear a two-piece sweater set with your cropped jeans and boots.
  1. Simple Dresses: A simple dresser can jazz up their outfit by pairing it with a brightly coloured pair of ankle boots. A bold look not only catches attention but also boosts one’s self-confidence, and what could be more eye-catching than an elegantly simple ensemble paired with a pair of colourful ankle boots? Wear a classic floral dress in neutral shades or a simple black dress with bright red ankle boots to add brightness to your look. Be bold and let your fun side shine!
  1. Minis: Short and sweet mini dresses and skirts are the attire for those bright summer days and fun evenings. Put on a pair of flatform ankle boots with your snazzy minis. Stay comfortably cool by swapping the usual white sneakers with a pair of ankle boots like combat boots, Doc Martens Jadon Flatform chunky boots, or a bulky, sturdy pair in black from the range of Tommy Hilfiger shoes for women. The combination of delicate-looking minis with bulky black flat-soled ankle boots is one of the most attractive styles. You can wear these bulky no-nonsense boots with shorts and short floral summer dresses.
  1. Sportswear: Sportswear does not need to be practically functional, especially when you are not actively exercising or playing a sport. Elevate the look of your joggers or gym tights with a pair of ankle boots. Even the most casual outfit will look elegant when worn with a sleek pair of ankle boots. A smart pair of heeled ankle boots with your joggers is a great way to add pizazz to your casual look. Wear this ensemble with your girl tribe or on a shopping expedition.
  1. Power Dressing: Ankle boots can also be integral to your business and power suits. Wearing a business suit to work daily can become monotonous and boring with its straight, clean lines and subdued colours. Adding a pair of chunky ankle boots to your power suit with straight, narrow pants will immediately add zing to the monotonous look and lift your spirits. Choose ankle boots with a metallic heel or a strategically placed metal buckle or zip to accessorize plain shorts or a loose-fitting suit. Make a statement by investing in a lethal-looking pair of Tommy Hilfiger shoes for women with a metallic toe and heel.
  1. Formal and ethnic wear: Ankle boots look smashing with maxi dresses, boosting your look while keeping you comfortable through the evening at a social gathering. You can also wear these versatile booties with ethnic traditional outfits like an Indian suit with straight pants or palazzos and a sleek, elegant patent leather ankle boot with an Indo-western sari.

Last but not least, colour coordinate your look by avoiding colours that clash together and maintain your shoes well by keeping them clean before storing them and giving them a good rub or polish (depending on the material) to maintain the suppleness of the uppers and keep them from cracking.

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