We all know that shoes are an essential accessory for any outfit. But few of us understand just how much impact they can have. As we argue in this post, shoes can make or break a man’s outfit, so getting your choice right is essential. You want footwear that brings out the best in whatever you’re wearing. 

Don’t believe us? Just imagine a man wearing a formal suit with green sneakers. What image comes into your head? Almost certainly, it’s not a good one. 

Fortunately, this post helps you avoid these faux pas. Following the advice below lets you skirt around shoe disasters and ensure that you are always looking your best, wherever you’re going. 

The Fit

The first thing you’ll want to check is the fit. If shoes are loose or too tight, it can break your outfit. 

Shoes that flop around aren’t a good look while those that are too tight restrict blood flow and make you feel uncomfortable, changing how you walk and stand

Therefore, go for a proper fitting, especially if you’re buying premium shoes. Look for shoes available in half sizes as these are more likely to fit your feet better. 

You can also get shoes tailored if you like them but they are too big. Bringing them down to size prevents them from moving around or slipping off as you walk. 

The Style

You also want the style of your shoes to match the outfit. As in the example given above, getting the combination wrong can have all sorts of adverse consequences. 

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys classic outfits, then Oxfords or Alden boots might be the best choice. These evoke a strong masculine but formal presence. 

Those with more modern preferences might want to go with something bolder, such as monk straps or Chelsea boots. These add character to outfits and prevent them from looking thrown together at the last minute. 

The Condition 

You should also consider the shoe’s condition. If they are scuffed and dirty, they are less likely to complement your outfit. 

Unfortunately, we’ve lost the art of shoe-shining in the modern world. Hardly anyone now polishes their shoes in the morning to make them look their best. (Most people don’t even have a proper polishing kit!)

But if you decide to buy expensive quality shoes, make sure you keep them looking their best. Scuffs and general dulling can detract from the rest of your attire and deny you the sartorial splendor you crave. 

Cleaning synthetic shoes is a little more challenging, but most are machine-washable. Simply add them to a spin cycle according to the manufacturer’s instructions, adding whitening detergents if they are white. 

The Formality

Finally, you should consider the formality of your outfit when choosing shoes, as alluded to in the introduction. You want something that works with what you’re wearing. Don’t opt for sports shoes if the rest of your attire is formal. Wearing sneakers with jeans looks great, but pairing them with a suit is sloppy. 

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