Say hello to vegan shoes—the rockstars of the fashion industry that are stealing the spotlight with their killer looks and guilt-free vibes.

One name that’s hitting all the right notes? 8000kicks, baby! They’re not just churning out snazzy kicks; they’re doing it with a secret ingredient—hemp.

Yep, these guys are spinning this sustainable wonder into footwear gold, crafting shoes that’ll make both Mother Nature and your feet do a happy dance.

And guess what’s on the review rack today? The Explorer V2, their latest eco-chic brainchild.

Stick around as we dive feet-first into whether this green machine is your next wardrobe wingman.

The Journey to Sustainable Shoemaking: A Conversation with Co-founder Bernardo

The Journey to Sustainable Shoemaking

Bernardo isn’t just the co-founder of 8000kicks; he’s a visionary on a quest to revolutionize the shoe game with sustainability at its heart. Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Portugal, his journey began with a eureka moment that could only come from a place as rich in tradition and as forward-thinking as this sun-kissed country.

Background on Bernardo and His Mission:

  • Hemp Pioneer: With roots in Portugal, Bernardo has championed hemp, not just for its eco-credentials but for its untapped potential in creating durable, eco-friendly footwear.
  • Sustainable Future Advocate: His mission? Propel the footwear industry into a greener tomorrow, one hemp shoe at a time.

Inspiration Behind Explorer V2:

  • Style Meets Sustainability: In an exclusive chat, Bernardo shared how Explorer V2 embodies their ethos—melding sleek design with environmental mindfulness.

Collaboration with Artisan Otilia:

  • Handcrafted Expertise: The brand’s synergy with Otilia, Portugal’s own artisan maestro in hemp shoemaking, is a testament to their dedication to quality and tradition.

This isn’t just shoemaking; it’s about crafting a legacy where each step we take leaves a lighter footprint on our planet.

The Key Features that Set the Explorer V2 Apart

Now, let’s dive straight into the Explorer V2 and its irresistible features. Trust us, these aren’t your regular vegan shoes; they come packed with benefits that’ll make you want to tie up those laces and hit the road right away.

1. Lightweight yet Durable: No one loves a heavyweight champ in their shoe closet. The Explorer V2 is made from hemp, a sustainable material known for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio. This means fewer materials are used, making the shoe lighter without sacrificing its durability or integrity. So, whether you’re sprinting to catch a bus or hiking through rough terrains, these kicks have got your back (or should we say feet?).

2. Enhanced Breathability: Nobody likes sweaty feet, right? Hemp fibers have an open structure that allows them to breathe exceptionally well. This leads to better air circulation and moisture management within the shoes. Your feet can stay cool and dry even during those long summer walks in the park or intense Zumba classes.

3. Odor Resistance: Say goodbye to stinky feet! Hemp has natural antimicrobial properties that help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Even after a long day of wear, your Explorer V2 shoes will smell as fresh as daisies.

So there you have it – the top-notch features of the Explorer V2 that distinguish it from other vegan footwear. But how does this all translate when you actually wear them? Let’s find out in our next section!

Putting Them to the Test: Our Experience with the Explorer V2

Personal Review

Comfort: Like slipping your feet into a pair of fluffy clouds – if clouds were made of sustainable hemp, that is. The Explorer V2 wrapped around my feet with an almost tailor-made feel, hugging all the right arches and curves for a snug fit. From day-long city escapades to spontaneous park frisbee sessions, my feet stayed in blissful comfort.


On Different Surfaces

Whether it’s sidewalk struts or off-road jaunts, these kicks kept up without a hitch. Asphalt? Check. Gravel paths? Easy-peasy. My living room carpet? Like floating on a magic rug.

Weather Conditions

Mother Nature threw her mood swings—sunny one day, rainy the next—and yet the Explorer V2 soldiered on. The promise of water resistance isn’t just a flashy feature; it’s like having tiny umbrellas for your toes.

Traction and Stability

The grip on these puppies deserves a round of applause. Slippery when wet? Not on my watch—or my walk, rather. They clung to slick surfaces with the determination of a cat refusing to get off your laptop keyboard.

Note: While I’m raving about my time with the Explorer V2, remember, not all feet are created equal or have the same adventures. Your mileage may vary!

Caring for Your Vegan Hemp Shoes: Maintenance Tips

When you’ve snagged a pair of Explorer V2s, you’re not just rocking style and sustainability on your feet—you’re signing up to be a caretaker of some seriously cool hemp kicks. And just like any good relationship, a little TLC goes a long way. So let’s dive into the do’s and don’ts of hemp shoe care.

Spot the Spot

If you catch a spill on your V2s, act fast with spot cleaning. Grab a soft cloth, dip it in some warm water mixed with a gentle, plant-based cleaner, and work your magic on the affected area.

Gentle is the Way

Harsh chemicals are a no-no for these eco-friendly warriors. They can weaken the hemp fibers faster than kryptonite dulls Superman’s mojo. Stick to green cleaners or even make your own concoction with ingredients like vinegar or baking soda.

Brush it Off

Got some dry dirt making itself at home on your V2s? Show it the door with a soft-bristle brush. A gentle scrub will do wonders without giving your shoes an unwanted distressed look.

Air Dry for the Win

After they’ve had their spa treatment, let those babies air dry. Keep them away from direct heat sources—hemp prefers to chill in the shade.

Repeat after Me

Regular maintenance is key. Don’t let dirt and grime throw a party on your shoes—crash it early with frequent cleanses.

8000Kicks recommends these simple steps to keep your Explorer V2s looking fresh and performing their best for all the adventures ahead. And remember, treat them right, and they’ll return the favor—step by stylish step.

Style Guide: How to Rock the Explorer V2 with Confidence

When it comes to fashion, nailing that perfect look with your vegan kicks is all about the mix ‘n’ match game. Let’s dive into some styling tips that will make your Explorer V2s shine like the style stars they are:

Casual Cool

Pair these hemp heroes with a classic white tee and cuffed denim jeans for an effortlessly cool vibe. Throw on a flannel shirt around the waist, and you’re ready to hit the streets with attitude.

Workplace Wins

Yes, you can take these shoes to work! Match them with chinos and a button-up for that semi-formal flair. Keep colors neutral for a professional edge that says, “I’m here to work, but I’m also here to save the planet.”

Weekend Wanderer

Embrace outdoor chic by teaming your V2s with cargo shorts and a breathable linen shirt. Perfect for those sunny day adventures or lazy brunches with pals.

Remember, fashion should be fun and reflective of who you are. So go ahead, blend those eco-friendly Explorer V2s into your wardrobe and strut your stuff with a clear conscience and killer style!

Where to Buy and Final Thoughts on the Explorer V2 by 8000kicks

Hungry for a pair of these eco-chic stompers? Get your fashion-forward feet over to the official 8000kicks website or strut into select retail stores that are all about that sustainable fashion life. The Explorer V2 is waiting to join your shoe entourage, but hey, don’t dawdle – these babies have a fan club, and their availability can be as fleeting as a clean T-shirt at a BBQ.

Let’s talk perks! These kicks are like the Swiss Army knife of shoes: innovative design? Check. Eco-friendly materials? Double check. Value for money? Cha-ching! But remember, nobody’s perfect, not even our hemp heroes. Limited color options might cramp your style, and trying to snag a pair can feel like you’re chasing the last slice of pizza.

Where to Snag a Pair

Directly from 8000kicks or eco-conscious retailers

Why You’ll Love Them

Think green innovation meets streetwear chic

Things to Consider

Exclusive releases may mean you’ve gotta act fast!

Embrace Sustainable Style with 8000kicks: Our Verdict

If you love showing off your style while also caring for the environment, then you should definitely check out 8000kicks. By supporting brands like this, you’re not only helping the Earth but also getting yourself a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. The Explorer V2 is more than just a regular vegan shoe; it’s proof of how hemp fibers can completely change the game when it comes to sneakers. They’re strong, breathable, and have an amazing design too. Whether you’re walking around the city or going on an outdoor adventure, these shoes will keep you looking cool while also feeling good about your impact on the environment. So go ahead, tell your friends who care about sustainability: 8000kicks is the place to be for stylish and eco-friendly footwear.

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