There are many tips and tricks on how to break in a new pair of shoes so you don’t end up with sore, blistered feet.

how to prevent blisters from new shoes
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It’s always exciting to get a new pair of shoes. However, nothing ruins the thrill of a shoe purchase faster than painful blisters from your beautiful new shoes. We’ve all been there enough times that we now make sure that we always carry a few extra bandages on the day we decide to walk a significant distance in our new shoes.

It’s not just a new pair of heels that can seriously destroy your feet. Flats and even running shoes can be just as problematic. What felt comfortable in the store for a few minutes suddenly feels very uncomfortable when you’ve walked a few blocks in them. So, how do you break in your new shoes? Do you wear extra thick socks, or do you not bother to do anything and make sure you have some Band-Aids handy?

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I’ve suffered the blistered and pinched toes you get from new shoes on many occasions. Despite the pain, I still don’t make much of an effort to break my shoes in properly. I might try and wear a thicker pair of socks with them, but normally I just go out and hope for the best. If I know I’m going to be walking a lot; I’ll wear a pair of shoes that I know don’t ruin my feet and save new shoes for when I’m walking less. (That’s also partly because I don’t want my new shiny shoes to get dirty and scuffed that much faster.) If anyone has any easy tips to break shoes in, I’d be interested in trying them.

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