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The concept of slides in footwear is not new. In the past, they were typically worn at home to go with loungewear. But today, athleisure brands turned them into fashionable footwear that is suitable for everyday use. If you search online for the hottest trends in fashion, you’ll find that many influencers and celebrities are wearing Adidas slides. 

If you’re the type of woman who loves wearing comfortable footwear, you’ll definitely love the main subject of this article. Adidas slides provide comfort more than any other type of sandals and flip-flops. You can also pair it with different types of outfits whether casual and laid-back, or formal and chic. The secret is to mix and match these slides with the right outfit essentials to pull off a fresh and fabulous look. 

If you want to look stylish using this footwear, look no further; here are some of the best ways to rock your Adidas Slides: 

  1. Wear It With Jeans For A Casual Style  

Many women love dressing down for their everyday looks. But despite looking casual with an outfit, it’s still possible to look chic and classy at the same time. This everyday style is easy to achieve with slides and jeans. The Adidas Slides are the most comfortable footwear you can find that can perfectly match your average denim jeans. Whatever type of jeans you wear, whether baggy, skinny, or relaxed, denim will still look good with the slides. Refer to the denim and jeans style guides to find the best one for your closet. 

As for colors, different denim colors also go best with these sporty slides. Since you can find them in standard colors like black, blue, and white, you can easily find any denim color that goes well with it. Other slides colors are also available if you don’t fancy basic colors. There are red and pink Adidas Slides that you can wear with denim too. The key is to pull off the look and pair it with a stylish or casual top. Wear this laidback outfit to a summertime cocktail party or a movie date with friends and family.  

  1. Go For A Minimalist-Inspired Outfit  

Slides have such a laid-back aesthetic, so they complement casual outfits so well. The Adidas Slides usually come with three horizontal lines in front of the logo, making the design of these flats very minimalist. They will work great with any of your minimalist-inspired outfits too. The easiest way to achieve a carefree look is to wear slides with a white cotton day dress, distressed denim, or a t-shirt. Stick to neutral colors and simple designs to achieve a simple and minimalist vibe.

  1. Wear With Beach Outfits Or Swimwear  

The slides, regardless of the front design, would also look fantastic with beachwear and swimsuits. Because it has flat soles and is easy to wear, it’s ideal for use on a day at the beach. However, you should choose slides that are made up of durable and waterproof materials if you intend to expose them to water. Whether wearing a bikini, one-piece swimsuit, or some sexy top and beach shorts, the Adidas Slides won’t fail to make you look sexy and beautiful under the sun.

Adidas Slides Outfit Ideas
  1. Go For A Laid Back Outfit With Linen Pants And Adidas Slides  

Linen pants with slides create a laid-back look that is also ideal for your everyday style. If you want to dress down while running errands, walking in the park, or visiting your neighbors, this look will allow you to feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. You can update your closet and stay cool with linen clothing and slides during summer. Linen is the ideal material for hot weather because it keeps you cool in the evenings and looks great with slides.

The key here is to pair your Adidas slides with the right colors of linen pants. Wear khakis or other neutral-colored bottoms with black or white Adidas slides. This will help you look simple but elegant all day long.  

  1. Wear It With Your Long Dress For A Night Out  

If you’re planning to go out in the evening, you can totally wear slides. Wear your sexy long dress and put on your Adidas slides if you’re meeting your girlfriends at a nearby bar for a laid-back evening. Select your glamorous outfit and wear your slides if you want to take a break from wearing your sexy but ever-so-painful stiletto shoes.  

If you’re afraid to wear clashing colors, then choose slides that come in white, beige, or black colors. However, if you want to play with colors and have fun with mixing and matching, you can always wear a more colorful evening dress to go with a solid black or white Adidas Slides.  

  1. Pair Your Little Black Dress With Your Adidas Slides  

Since Adidas Slides are famous for their comfort and versatility, there’s no doubt that they can also be worn with your little black dress. Wear a plain black mini dress and go for the three-striped Adidas Slides design so you’ll look classic, elegant, and fabulous. This outfit should be your go-to if you feel like dressing up.


The good news is that a wide variety of outfits and fashion combinations will look great with your favorite Adidas Slides. It’s all about mixing and matching and having a keen eye to judge what fits and what won’t work. With the outfit suggestions above, you’re sure to pull off wearing these famous slides to various locations and events.  

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