Benefits of genuine leather shoes

Natural materials have always been and will be in demand, regardless of the development of technology, the emergence of various alternatives, and fashion trends. You’ll find leather in different kinds of top-notch shoes, whether they are high-quality shoes for warehouses, farming, or high-end formal footwear. Everyone, without exception, strives to buy shoes made of genuine leather, as it has many advantages. In modern shoe production, various synthetic materials are actively used for tailoring products. But at all times, genuine leather was considered the best choice. The technologies of tailoring and processing of raw materials are changing, designers come up with new models, trendy colors, and details. But for tailoring high-quality shoes, many manufacturers still choose genuine leather. Why is this material so popular?

Leather shoes – varieties

Modern production offers many varieties of leather for the production of shoes, the main ones are:

  • Embossed leather. Its peculiarity is drawing a pattern, for example, imitation of the skin of a rare animal. Then the surface is covered with paint and varnish.
  • Washed leather. It is made by squeezing wet leather with a hot press, after which the surface takes on a worn look.
  • Lacquered leather. A thin layer of polyurethane is applied to such leather, sanded, and then varnished.
  • Nubuck. Obtained by polishing the skin to a velvety state.
  • Impregnated nubuck. It differs from the traditional one in that the surface is treated with a mixture of oils and wax.
  • Suede. Delicate and delicate material, produced by polishing the skin until the formation of villi.

Benefits of leather shoes

Whatever the type of leather, its advantages over synthetic materials are undeniable:

  • Durability and goodness. Shoes made of genuine leather are worn for a long time, retaining their appearance, do not deform.
  • Wear resistance. Leather shoes can withstand the test of water, low and high temperatures.
  • No harm to health. By buying shoes made of genuine leather, you can be sure that it contains harmful substances and toxins that can cause allergies.
  • physical properties. Genuine leather is well ventilated and wicks away moisture, making it the perfect material for footwear in any season.
  • Appearance. This is perhaps one of the main differences. Leather shoes always look solid, aesthetically pleasing, and status, from winter boots with fur to light sandals.
  • High strength. Shoes made of textiles, artificial leather, and other synthetic materials are much less durable. Genuine leather completely resists repeated bending and stretching. Shoes made from it are durable and reliable.
  • Wear resistance. If you buy leather shoes, they will last twice or even three times longer than products made from artificial counterparts. Such boots and boots are not afraid of high and low temperatures, moisture.
  • Security. When choosing shoes made of artificial leather, you can often feel an unpleasant pungent odor. Do you know what is in the composition of raw materials? It can turn out to be various chemical impregnations that act as strong allergens and even a source of toxic substances. Genuine leather is an environmentally friendly material.
  • Good breathability. Due to the presence of natural micropores, genuine leather allows the feet to breathe. Synthetics have low breathability. And this is fraught with increased sweating of the feet and an unpleasant odor. Ultimately, lack of ventilation can lead to mold growth.
  • Foot comfort. Shoes made from natural materials are elastic and soft. It stretches well, taking the form of the foot of its owner. Synthetic products are quite rigid, do not stretch well, corns and corns appear in them much more often.
  • Ease of care. You may be surprised, but leather shoes are much easier to care for than faux ones. For the pair to serve for a long time and look well-groomed, it is enough to remove dirt from the surface promptly, dry it, and, if necessary, apply special products.
  • Seasonal versatility. Artificial materials do not retain heat well, do not allow the legs to breathe, and in cold weather, the surface often cracks and bursts. Leather shoes are perfect for all seasons. It is not that warm in summer, but quite warm in winter. Of course, you should choose a pair according to the season (summer, winter, demi-season), focusing on the manufacturer’s description.
  • Attractiveness. Leather boots look solid and expensive. It emphasizes the respectability and good taste of the owner. Artificial materials are inferior to natural ones in terms of aesthetic characteristics.

Genuine leather shoes are what you need for a light, graceful walk, and healthy feet. Such products are practical, convenient, and comfortable. They are also not that hot in summer and warm in winter. Leather models are more expensive than synthetic ones. But they serve much longer and produce a completely different external impression. So, the purchase will fully justify itself.

The range of modern leather shoes is huge. These are models for all seasons of the year, with flat soles, heels, and wedges. You can choose a pair for almost any occasion and any wardrobe since a wide range of colors allows this.

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