Animal lovers can show off their love for all things furry, scaly and feathered with photos and unique usernames but that isn’t as much fun as doing it with your clothes. T-shirts with large animal faces and quirky animal prints are always popular options but showing your love of animals with your shoes are surprising and ten times cuter. Taylor Swift loves a kitty flat but there’s a pair of adorable shoes for you whether you love dogs, monkeys, or lambs.

Animal Shoes

Take a look at 11 pairs of animal shoes that are guaranteed to get people squealing:

1. Clever So Sweet Flat ($59.99, ModCloth)

Clever So Sweet Flat

Fox flats are already adorable but these ones earn extra points because the foxes have little red polka dot bows. It’s up to you when you want to coordinate and wear a matching one in your hair.

2. Melissa Ultragirl Black Cat Flats ($141, ASOS)

Animal Shoes

If you’re wearing these shoes, then there should be a rule that you have to wear them with cropped pants or skirts to properly show them off. The suede flats are decorated with silver-colored cat ears and golden noses.

3. Gatsby Monkey Smoking Slipper ($85, Jon Josef)

Gatsby Monkey Smoking Slipper

Yes, that monkey in the Hawaiian print shirt is based on one of literature’s most famous characters. It’s a surprising reference but the end result is a very sweet pair of linen loafers.

4. Flamingo-A-Go-Go Flats ($115, Miss L Fire )

Flamingo-A-Go-Go Flats

These just might be the ultimate summer shoes. You’ve got tons of color, flowers, glitter, a wedge heel and you cannot forget about the flamingos. Just looking at them makes you feel good.

5. Feline Flats ($99, Betsey Johnson)

Feline Flats

If you know a cat lover (and I’m sure you know plenty of them), remember these gold shoes with a kitty face on the toe for their birthday. They are guaranteed to please.

6. Oso Adorable Flat ($39.99, ModCloth)

Oso Adorable Flat

Look closely because these aren’t just a pretty pair of pale blue loafers. They’re decorated with a little blushing bear face right on the toes. Wear them with everything in your wardrobe.

7. Marc By Marc Jacobs Friends Of Mine Loafers ($228, Zappos)

Marc By Marc Jacobs Friends Of Mine Loafers

You can wear your puppy flats when you’re out walking your actual dog. The leather dog detail on the shoes may have a sad face but there are still hearts in his eyes.

8. Green Bunny Flats ($65, T.U.K.)

Green Bunny Flats

Brown bunny flats would be more traditional but this emerald green rabbit is squee-inducing. You’ll be surprised by how many things in your closet work with this green color.

9. Animal Imprints Lamb Sneakers ($49.99, ModCloth)

Animal Imprints Lamb Sneakers

Even if you don’t understand the obsession with sneakers, you will fall in love with these white shoes with sleepy lamb faces. Just look at the little bow detail.

10. Dr. Martens Jake Boots ($150, Zappos)

Dr. Martens Jake Boots

Calling all Adventure Time fans, these Jake The Dog boots are for you. The yellow boots have Jake’s face on the vamp and the strap is shaped like his hand. You may never want to wear a pair of regular black boots again after trying these.

11. Erika Flats ($258, Kate Spade)

Erika Flats

These patent leather flats are decorated with a gorgeous fox on the toe. Every detail is thought of from the striking green eyes to the 3-D whiskers. You’ll find it difficult not to play with them when you’re sitting down.

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