Sometimes you want a running shoe that won’t weigh you down while you run. The Adidas running shoes are lightweight running shoes that provide both cushioning and support. It adapts to your running surface to provide the smoothest right possible.

Adidas Running Shoes

Overview of the Adidas Running Shoes

These shoes are built with several systems that work together to keep your feet comfortable and happy during your run. The midsole is made from FitFoam, a visco-elastic foam that molds to your foot for a customized fit. The Torsion System adds support to the midfoot, which allows it to naturally adapt to the running surface. This helps to control the motions of the rearfoot, preventing it from moving in odd ways that can cause injury. The 3D ForMotion System assists in smooth transitions so that you experience softer landing with each step.

The outsole is made from a high-density carbon rubber, which provides for durability. If you frequently run over rough surfaces, then this rubber is a great thing to have on your shoes as it enhances traction. Blown rubber is used in the forefoot to reduce wear and tear and improve traction in that area.

Cushioning is provided by adiPrene. This is as EVA based foam that absorbs the impact of your steps. The material is elastic, which enhances forward motion and provides additional power for when you toe-off. To maintain comfort, an Ortholite sock liner wicks away moisture and kills bacteria to reduce odor. The mesh upper allows air to circulate while the synthetic leather contributes to the shoe’s overall durability and support.

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Adidas Running Shoes Technology

The midsole consists of a compression-molded EVA material that contributes to cushioning. The Torsion System is a thermoplastic unit in the shape of the wishbone that sits at the bottom of the midfoot to allow the rearfoot and forefoot to operate independently for enhancing stability. The heel is decoupled, which helps absorb impact shock and disperse it quickly.

The upper part of the shoe is made from open mesh, which allows the foot to be properly ventilated to maintain dryness and keep feet cool. The collar of the heel is made from memory foam, which encourages superior fit and comfort.

AdiWear and Blown Rubber are used on the outsole to give the shoe increased traction and reduce abrasions that contribute to wear and tear. A traditional sock liner wicks away moisture while fighting bacteria that cause foot odor.

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Features of the Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas running shoes feature all of the high-quality shoe tech systems Adidas is known for. They feature gender-specific versions of the same technology that address the differing needs of male and female runners. For example, the Torsion system is engineered to provide a smooth transition from heel to toe based on characteristics that are unique to the gender. This system lets the rearfoot and forefoot function separately to enhance adaptability while still providing light arch support.

Formotion is another system that is designed with gender-specific needs in mind. This heel system is decoupled so that it can adjust to the way you run. The result is a smoother, more natural touchdown and transition to strike off. This leads to superior comfort and greater control.

Cushioning is achieved through the use of adiPRENE, an absorbent material that mitigates the impact of the foot strike. It is a responsive material that provides for a dynamic lift-off as well as resilient cushioning. To reduce abrasion in high usage areas of the shoe, adiWEAR is used, which is a non-marking rubber that prevents wear and tear. Ventilation is achieved via the mesh upper, which keeps the foot dry and cool.

The midsole contains two plastic heel plates which performs two functions. It provides additional support for the rearfoot, and it prevents the side to side movement common in overpronation.

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Pros and Cons of the Adidas Running Shoes

Neutral runners will appreciate the lightweight comfort of the Adidas running shoes. The cushioning technology used in the shoes provides for a smooth ride, which allows you to negotiate just about any type of surface. This is a great feature if you are someone who likes to traverse different types of terrain. The rubber used in the heels ensures you maintain optimal traction even if you are running during suboptimal weather conditions.

Testers found the shoe to be a little rigid but still thought it was a good shoe for beginners and runners who need to deal with injuries.

Some complaints about the Adidas running shoes include a dense underfoot. Another issue was that the toebox creased in odd places when running a fast rate. This caused discomfort that could shorten your run. Overall, though, runners and testers found the shoe to be comfortable.

Like most brand name shoes, the Adidas running shoes lands in the upper price range. It does come in men and women’s sizes in a few different colors, including red, orange, and yellow.

Overall, the Adidas running shoes received positive reviews, although there were one or two issues.

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How to Buy the Right Running Shoe

How do you buy the right Adidas running shoe for you? has a good post on nine different things to look for when trying out a new running shoe. Following this advice is a great way to ensure that you buy the right running shoe for your foot and body type. This is critical in reducing the chance of injury.

Comments are welcome! Have you already run in one of the Adidas running shoes? What do you think? Any shoe you particularly loved? Please share it in the comments, the more opinions, the more informed decisions you can make.

Take care and happy running!

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