You know when you look back at old photos of yourself, you normally cringe at what you’re wearing? Just thinking about those trucker hats and armbands you wore in the 2000s probably makes you die a little inside. However, when you’re thinking about those old outfits, you’re probably not pulling faces about your footwear, are you? It seems like shoes, specifically heels, always look good. Mode‘s latest video, “100 Years of Fashion: High Heels,” proves this point.

The good people at Mode show us how shoes have evolved from the 1910s to the present times, all in less than three minutes. While there is some variation in the styles, from the pumps to the heeled boots to the platforms, the thing that remains constant is that the shoes are fabulous. Take a fashionable walk through shoe history:

Who else wants to go vintage shoe shopping right now? This video might need to come with a warning for shoe lovers because they’re going to want all of the heels in it. Who could resist those pink heels with the roses on the toes or those brown suede mega-platforms? And then there are all of the printed tights. Sigh.

We have seen the history of a variety of different clothing styles, from wedding dresses to engagement rings. Mode’s history of high heels is at the top of the list when it comes to a video that is filled with enviable products from every decade. As much as we love looking at some of the hilariously dated styles of clothing in other videos, nothing beats a video that is two minutes of pure style envy.

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