The 5 Kinds Of Shoes Everyone Should Already Own

You probably already have a decent shoe collection. It doesn’t matter if it’s not quite up to Kourtney Kardashian and Penelope Disick‘s shoe-loving standards. Despite your piles of shoes, do you ever find that you don’t have the right shoes to wear with a specific outfit or to a certain occasion? Before you buy your zillionth pair of painful heels that you’ll never be able to walk more than 8 steps in, take a look at your closet to see if you have these five versatile types of shoes.

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These are the five kinds of shoes you need to have in your closet:

1. Walk-A-Mile-In Shoes

Nike Free Flyknit Chukka

They don’t have to be sneakers, but they’re a popular option. If you can find a pair of flats that you can walk five miles in without ending up with bloody, blistered feet, that’s great. Just find a pair of shoes that you can wear with confidence, and leave the bandages at home. When you find the perfect pair, you will think that you could almost run a half-marathon in them and they would still feel reasonably comfortable. Don’t think you need to settle for a pair of fugly shoes either.

2. Goes-With-Everything Shoes

Sperry Top-Sider Bedford Brogues

There is nothing more annoying than buying a pair of shoes you absolutely love, then realizing that you have nothing in your closet that goes with them or vice versa. To make getting dressed in the morning a little easier, get a versatile pair of shoes in a neutral color that goes with practically everything. Black heels or ballet flats are always a popular option but don’t be afraid to try other styles, like brogues and slippers, and different colors, such as brown or taupe.

3. Ready-For-Any-Weather Waterproof Shoes

Rockport Waterproof Bots

As much as you hope that there will never be bad weather, there always will be. Sorry to break it to you. Don’t make the awful weather even more unpleasant by suffering from wet socks and poor shoe choices. There are lots of waterproof boots (and even some shoes) out there that don’t look like you’re going on some arctic adventure.

4. Fancy-But-Surprisingly-Comfortable Dress Shoes

Topshop Jewel Mid Heels

Certain occasions require that you look like you put a bit more effort in. It could be an important meeting at work, a party or a wedding. Instead of thinking about the highest pair of shoes to make you look commanding and supermodel tall, search for a pair that is comfortable. Think about it: You won’t exactly looking like a fierce model if you can’t walk three steps in them.

5. Summery-But-Not-Ready-For-The-Beach Shoes

ASOS Fletcher Sandals

As much as you try to, you cannot get away with wearing flip flops everywhere, even if you try to convince yourself otherwise. There are stylish and work-appropriate sandals that allow your feet to breathe, but don’t look like you’re going to go for a dip in the ocean then eat a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone while relaxing in a lounge chair.

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