ruby engagement rings
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For engagement rings and wedding rings alike, diamonds are often chosen above all other gems. There’s nothing wrong with following this tradition yourself, but it’s always worth exploring other options before making a decision if only to see what else is out there.

That’s where ruby rings come into play. There are lots of perks to breaking the mold by choosing diamonds over rubies, so if you’re still on the fence, stick with us as we explain the main selling points.

Undeniable variety

In terms of design diversity, ruby rings are right up there with the best of the rest of the market. And you can get yours on, where you’ll see just how varied the latest lineup of high end jewels in this segment can be.

Whether you’re looking for a classic solitaire design with a single stone taking all the attention, or you want a more elaborate configuration with a halo, cocktail, or even vintage look, there are rings with rubies aplenty for you to compare and consider.

Competitive cost

There’s no getting around the fact that natural diamonds are expensive, and even the most affordable and included stone will set you back well over $1,000 per carat, which is a weight measurement equivalent to 0.2 grams.

Rubies are nowhere near as costly, and so they punch well above their weight if you are looking for good value for money.

There are, of course, exceptions, but a highly graded ruby is not unusual to be priced at around $500 per carat, meaning that this is cheaper than even the tattiest diamond of an equivalent weight.

Ultimately this means that your perfect ring doesn’t have to be out of your grasp because of your budgetary limits. And what’s good for your wallet is good for your wedding as well.

Rich color & impressive clarity

For colorless diamonds, all of the appeals come from the way that they interact with the light around them, bouncing beams around and ideally dazzling everyone in the room in the right circumstances.

However, if the lighting conditions are less than ideal, then diamond rings will inevitably lose some of their lusters because they’re essentially transparent.

Rubies, on the other hand, are known for their deep, alluring red hues, as well as the clarity that is offered by the best examples of stones in this category.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, rubies are eye-catching wherever you find them, and of course, they pair well with other gems, colorless diamonds included.

Romance made tangible

Throughout history, rubies have been associated with love and romance, so what better way to symbolize your engagement or marriage than with a ring that puts this stone in the spotlight?

Some people believe that rubies have other properties as well, including the ability to encourage loyalty and compassion in the wearer, as well as those around them.

There are even claims of rubies boosting creativity, but no matter what you believe about them, there’s no denying their symbolic relevance.

Long-lasting durability

Robustness might not be something you consider when buying jewelry, but if you’re planning to wear a ring year after year, it should be on your list of aspects to assess.

The good news is that while diamonds are known for being the toughest material around, rubies also sit proudly close to the top of the Mohs hardness scale.

The upshot of this is that they can withstand wear and tear and won’t be likely to suffer damage under normal circumstances.

So without further ado, why not begin your search for a ruby engagement or wedding ring right now and see if your opinion changes?

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