Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Dating back to the mid-1900s, this beloved style has surpassed the wrath of time and managed to still be popular today. Lazare Kaplan, a diamond cutter from Russia, has been credited for this cut invention. He cut down the gemstones and removed the blemished parts to create the oval-cut diamond.

This cut is trendy and fashionable because it has an elongated round brilliant cut while being more unique than the traditional round cut. Today, several celebrities, including Blake Lively, Princess Kate, and Katie Holmes, have all had oval engagement rings, making them highly sought-after.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings Overview

Since the 1900s, when they were first invented, these oval cut engagement rings now flaunt newer, more modern variations. Today, you can choose from different dimensions, including short and more rounded to tall and a lot more elongated. The best part about some oval cut engagement rings is that they may also come with a bow-tie effect. This refers to the black line in the middle of the stone that resembles a man’s bow tie, and it is actually just a reflection defect that occurs from the facets of the unique oval cut.

Why Oval Cut Engagement Rings Are So Great

There are several pros to getting an oval cut engagement ring and some of them are as follows:

  • High brilliance and sparkle
    The modern oval cut engagement rings come with brilliant faceting styles that let the diamond to best reflect light. Hence, they offer incomparable brilliance and sparkle.
  • A unique shape
    Because of its elongated oval shape, the diamond looks much bigger than it actually is. So the same carat weight diamond would appear larger in an oval cut than a round cut. Besides this, the shape also contributes to giving you the illusion of a slimming effect on the person wearing the ring. So, wearing this cut ring can make your fingers appear thinner and longer, making them a suitable option for people of all shapes and sizes.
  • An affordable alternative
    If you’re on a budget, then this is the ring for you. Because they are not as popular as their counterpart round cuts, they serve to be more affordable and pocket friendly.
  • The cut doesn’t ​​doesn’t catch or snag
    For those planning to wear their diamond rings on an everyday basis, the oval cut makes the perfect choice due to its rounded, smooth shape. Other cuts, such as the princess diamond cut, can be prone to catching and damaging the jewelry. They can also snag clothing on sharp corners. But with the oval cut diamond, you can go about your day without damaging your precious stone or breaking the setting of the ring.

Is An Oval Cut Engagement Ring Worthy?

The answer to this question is an absolute yes! Today, the oval cut is increasingly becoming more desired because of its versatility. They can be made in several ring settings, so it’s not at all hard to find one that best suits your individual needs while being perfectly unique. You can also get large or small oval cut engagement rings and also include other colorful gemstones in your designs to make them more suited to your preferences. They are the perfect fit for the modern bride and you can go ahead and purchase one without hesitation.

Reasons Why You Should Consider An Oval Cut Engagement Rings For Your Partner

  • Oval Cut More Affordable
    People who have gone shopping for a diamond engagement ring are aware of how expensive one can be. On average, couples spend about $3,756 on one and it can go up to the millions depending on the cut, like the round brilliant cut. So for those on a budget, oval cut diamond rings are definitely more pocket-friendly than other traditional cuts such as the heart-shaped and round cut. This is because they are not yet as popular. Besides this reason, they are more affordable because of the weight distribution of the oval diamond.
  • Holds A Unique Bow-Tie Formation
    We mentioned the bow-tie effect briefly above, but let’s get into it in detail. A bow tie is a dark line or area which runs through the diamond and appears to be a man’s bow tie. Ovals, pears, and marquise diamonds all have this feature, to some extent at least. A large, dark bow tie formation is not desired by many because it dulls down the overall look of your gemstone. This also shows how the quality of your oval diamond is low.
    But while looking for the bow tie formation and assessing the quality of the diamond, keep in mind that it’s not always easy to make out. They look different in different lights, in different rooms, and at different angles such as mounted and unmounted.
  • Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Are Increasingly PopularThough in the past oval diamond engagement rings didn’t get their due credit in the limelight, they are slowly but increasingly gaining popularity. People are now turning towards this unique and versatile diamond cut because of several advantages. These include that they are easier to clean and maintain, that they don’t snag on clothes, they are more durable than other cuts, and they are also more affordable. Besides this, they also make fingers appear slimmer, and the diamond also appears bigger because it is more pointed at the ends.
  • They Are Unique And Yet Traditional
    Oval diamond rings strike the perfect balance between being one-of-a-kind while maintaining their classic appeal. This style has been in existence for several decades and has always been trendy and fashionable. They also have a vintage appeal because they have been present since the Victorian era. But because they are found in various styles, shape differentiations, and ring settings, one can find one that is truly unique and best represents their style.
  • Oval Cut Engagement Rings Are Timeless
    Regardless of how long you plan to keep your engagement ring on, you can be sure that it will not go out of the spotlight. Because of their unwavering beauty, you can be sure that they will stick around for several decades to come. And now that more celebrities such as Serena Williams, Julianne Hough, and Katherine McPhee also sport oval cut engagement rings, they are finally getting the attention they deserve. So trust us when we say that they’ve been around for several years and that they will continue to do so.

There’s no better way to express your love and appreciation to your loved one than with a diamond engagement ring. However, today there are so many styles and patterns that look so similar that you make the mistake of choosing one that is very common and ordinary.

However, with an oval cut engagement ring, you can be sure that your loved one’s ring stands out from the rest with its unique quality and versatility. They also make a great option as they are more affordable than the round cut, offer a beautiful glimmer and shine, and also make one’s hand appear slimmer because of their elongated design. With so many advantages, we hope you do consider this ring cut with distinctive characteristics when you propose to your partner.

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