The resurgence of religious jewelry is a mix of style, faith, and not having a clue what it means. Have you ever bought something and not had a clue what it represents? Often, that’s what’s happening with religious jewelry. Still, we love that it’s making a return.

This trend has seen pieces like cross pendants and Buddhist prayer beads become more than symbols of spiritual devotion – they’ve transformed into style. And this seems to happen every so often.

Below, we’ll explore some of the reasons behind the resurgence of religious jewelry.

Tradition and Modernity

People love the blend of tradition and modernity.

These pieces are a link between heritage and history. They ground individuals in their roots – well, the roots they think they have. Integrating traditional symbols like the Chai necklace into a wardrobe or style represents a harmonious blend of past and present.

Still, that’s not to say that tradition is the main reason. Often, people don’t understand the tradition.

Meaningful Jewellery

At the heart of it, religious jewelry is meaningful. People who wear it for religious purposes won’t be doing it for style.

Religious symbols are rich in meaning and history. Even if you are wearing it for style, it’s nice to learn what it means. We’re seeing it a lot with spiritual jewelry like gemstones.

Wearers are drawn to pieces that resonate personally. This search for substance and connection has brought religious jewelry into the spotlight.

Versatility in Styling

Religious jewelry is really simple to style. It’s typically subtle and discreet – naturally, it’s not a fashion statement. It’s meant to be symbolic. The big diamond crosses some celebrities wear (more on celebrities turning it into fashion later) are more tricky to style. The smaller it is, the easier styling.

Still, designers are creating traditional symbols with a contemporary twist. They’re good for most outfits and occasions – but don’t get anything too crazy.

A Reflection of Global Cultures

Wearing religious jewelry reflects the growing global interconnectedness and appreciation for diverse cultures. In some cultures, it’s almost an obligation to wear religious jewelry.

As people become more exposed to different beliefs and practices (we’re more connected to the world than ever), there’s a natural curiosity for the symbols that represent them. Or, like most trends and most of the reasons we’re listing, they simply look good.

The Influence of Celebrities and Influencers

Celebrities are a massive influence. A lot of them are religious, with the likes of Kanye and Justin Bieber constantly praising their success to god and wearing religious jewelry. These people are fashion icons. Sometimes, it’s endorsements and paid ads, but most of the time, they’re religious people who wear religious jewelry, and every so often, they make it a trend.

Religious jewelry has always been a sort of background trend. People wear a cross without the meaning, or the Star of David without knowing why. It simply looks good. And in reality, there’s no other reason why. Yes, there’s influence. But in reality – people follow that influence because it looks good – right now, it’s stylish.

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