White Gold Crosses

If your wardrobe does not have a collection of white gold crosses yet, here’s why you need to get some.

White gold crosses have never gone out of style but have always held a significant reputation in Catholic jewelry. Even among non-believers, the white cross pendants are a striking gothic jewelry style and a statement piece.

For the many, though, white gold crosses are more than mere pendants. They’re a personal symbol of faith, forgiveness, protection, hope, love, and inspiration. It epitomizes everything that Christ went through on the Cross for us and how His sacrifice shapes our Christian life.

But as a fashion statement piece, too, white gold crosses make quite a stunning impact. Want to know how? Keep reading below!

White Gold Crosses- Gothic Style Statement

The gothic style was all the rage during the 90s. Now that the fashion industry, in particular, is going back to more appealing trends of the era, we’re seeing more gothic pieces like white cross pendants making a comeback.

The oversized white cross pendants are especially a common feature because they add a dash of Victorian glamour to your outfit. Those who love channeling their inner gothic fashionista will find white gold crosses particularly dazzling.

A large-sized cross pendant in white is enough to help any outfit stand out. It makes for a stunning centerpiece while ensuring your overall attire looks utterly fashion-forward. To add layers of oomph to any outfit, all you need is to pick a chunky chain, pair it with a dazzling white gold cross pendant, and you’re set to leave everyone stunned.

Apart from their spiritual significance, white gold crosses also look very attractive. If you choose a diamond-encrusted piece, its dazzling presence can have you looking spectacular.

White Gold Crosses- In Spiritual Context

Crosses have always remained a beautiful way for people to show their faith. Ever since the second century, when Tertullian, a Christian philosopher, declared the Cross as a visible example of Christian faith, it has become very popular among believers.

People initially started out with ivory crosses or the small wooden varieties that hung continuously around their necks from leather cords. As times evolved and Catholicism gained more momentum, the cross pendant styles evolved till many varieties, like a white gold cross, rose gold, silver, and others came into existence.

There’s a crowd that would never let a cross pendant leave their neck. Hence, it became a permanent symbol of faith and a permanent accessory item for people too.

Today, you will find a plethora of white gold crosses; platinum crosses, sterling silver crosses, rose gold, and several other metals crosses too. In fact, there’s a huge variety that features precious gemstones paired with valuable chains and necklaces for a unique look.

White Gold Crosses to Complement Your Outfits

White gold crosses have been a permanent feature in the fashion industry. They are especially popular in the catholic community, They represent the great sacrifice of Christ, and typically, His believers wear cross pendants as a constant reminder of salvation, forgiveness, and Christ’s unconditional love.

For the fashionistas, too, the undeniably attractive design of the Cross is a thing of beauty and a befitting statement accessory for their fashionable outfits.

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