Things You Should Consider Before Buying Platinum Jewelry

First, it was yellow gold metal, then pure diamonds, and now is the time of classic platinum jewelry pieces. These days, platinum rings, pendants, and solitaires set in platinum are highly getting associated with engagement ceremonies and weddings.

Platinum is eternal. Pure platinum jewelry is perfect to celebrate your true love. Naturally white in color, platinum metal does not wear away with time and lasts forever. Buying a platinum engagement ring might be the biggest investment you make in terms of jewelry shopping.

Firstly, you should know what metal jewelry you are buying. Platinum metal might be one of the most expensive and also rare metal on the earth, but there is more to platinum metal beyond its high price and rarity.

Platinum Qualities

Platinum metal never fades. Yes, this might sound unbelievable, but it is a fact. Platinum metal comes with a natural white shine, that’s a lot like white gold jewelry. The only difference is white gold has a yellow tone and it is rhodium-coated for that white shade in white gold jewelry, and this coat will wear out with time, thus there is a need for re-plating white gold jewelry.

However, platinum metal never loses its exceptional natural shine regardless of what you expose it to. Therefore, a platinum metal ring will look new forever, and it can be passed down from one generation to the next, and it will always look superior.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is considered as one of the most durable metals used to make jewelry designs, and you won’t need to worry about the platinum ring rubbing off after some time. Platinum metal is dense and durable, and it makes the perfect everyday wear kind of jewelry pieces. Along with its exceptional durability comes its high strength, which makes platinum metal the right metal to set diamonds on.

Platinum metal is hypoallergenic in its natural, pure form. Thus, pure platinum jewelry is the perfect fit for people with sensitive skin.

Jewelry Certification

One important thing that one should consider when buying any jewelry is the mark that certifies its purity, as well as the type of metal. This jewelry certification is called a hallmark, and it is the sign that differentiates pure platinum jewelry from low-grade metal. To know if the jewelry you are buying is pure or not, or to know the actual percentage of purity, always look for the hallmark sign.

Metal Purity

Besides considering the hallmark to certify whether your jewelry item is made of platinum metal or not, you should also check that only the purest form of platinum metal is used to make jewelry pieces. The reason behind this is that platinum is considered as one of the hardest precious metals, and jewelry manufacturers don’t need to mix it with other metals to make jewelry pieces.

And, if you are buying platinum, then you are not purchasing an alloy of any kind, as is the case with gold jewelry items.

That’s why, the pure platinum metal rings come with a high price tag, and if you come across cheap platinum ring designs, it means that you are looking at an impure platinum jewelry item that has less than half its weight in pure metal.

Handcrafted Platinum Jewelry Designs

Whether you are thinking of engraving the ring or having superior gemstones set on it, you should consider the handcrafted jewelry design rather than the machine-cut.

While the platinum ring design is classic, even without special engravings, getting it engraved in a unique pattern makes your engagement ring design look and feel even better. With an amazing white shine that never diminishes, platinum enhances a pure diamond’s sparkle. Platinum’s metal durability means that it is the perfect setting for any precious stone.

Where an engagement ring contains one or more gemstones, these will add to the ring’s cost. The color, size, clarity, and cut of any gemstone will directly affect the cost and value of any ring design.

Handcrafted Platinum Jewelry Designs

Platinum comes with long-lasting radiance and durability. It is the most secure and protective jewelry metal, which means your jewelry item will be highly protected for a lifetime. Platinum metal does not change shape or wear away so precious gemstones are held firmly and safely.

Platinum Metal Care Tips

Make sure your superior platinum remains in top condition with the right advice and caring tips on platinum jewelry storage, cleaning, and maintenance. Take care of your platinum jewelry pieces and their look will last forever.

Clean your platinum jewelry in the same way you clean other quality jewelry items to maintain its natural appearance and ensure that it lasts forever. Either use normal soap and warm water, and gently rub it with a soft cloth, or buy an effective jewelry cleaning solution.

Platinum jewelry also comes with countless design choices. You can choose plain platinum or one with pure diamonds, or if you love combinations, you can also go with the jewelry designs that come in a combination of yellow gold jewelry and platinum or rose gold and platinum jewelry.

Final Thoughts

Your engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that comes with countless decisions for you to make. If you want to buy a low-maintenance metal, choose platinum metal jewelry designs. Platinum metal is strong and highly durable, making it the highly secure metal to hold a diamond in place for years.

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