By now, you understand your belt and shoes should match. The same rules apply to your watch, as well.

While this rule mostly applies to formal events, matching your watch to your outfit is a must if you are interested in following good style and etiquette.

Are you ready to learn how to wear a watch? If so, use the guidelines found here.

How to Wear a Watch

1. Wear Your Watch on Your Non-Dominant Wrist

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a watch from or another brand, a good rule of thumb is to wear it on your non-dominant wrist.

This is a practical tip. For example, it wouldn’t be functional to try to check the time while you are writing.

Also, this will help you avoid damaging the watch and help extend its lifespan. If you wear it on the dominant hand, it will be more likely to be scratched.

2. Matching Your Watch to Your Outfit

Matching your outfit and watch doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s a matter of thinking about how you can match like-with-like.

Try to match up your metals first. This means gold with gold or silver with silver.

Note the metal parts of your outfit – your cufflinks, rings, and buckle on your belt or shoes. Match these to your watch.

The watchband is also important. Like shoes and belts, the leather on your watch band needs to match the other leather in your outfit.

Consider the style of the watch, too, which should match the style of your shoes. For example, a sports watch should be worn with athletic shoes while a dress watch should be worn with dress shoes.

3. Avoid a Smartwatch for Formal Occasions

While changing the band on most smartwatches is possible, they should be avoided altogether for fancy events.

While it is possible to change the rubber band to a leather one, the rectangular face will kill the appeal of even the best suit.

4. Avoid Loose Straps

Your watch should be worn just below your wrist bone. It should be tight enough for your blood to flow through your hand and to ensure easy motion.

Also, your watch should never be able to be seen under your long sleeves unless your arm is bent.

5. Avoid Oversized Watches

While oversized watches were trendy for a while, they never should have been. Their only purpose was to scream for attention.

A large watch is going to make your wrist seem small. You need to find one that fits well.

Now You Know How to Wear a Watch

If you want to know how to wear a watch, be sure to start with the styling tips above. These are general guidelines that will help ensure you look great and don’t commit any fashion no-nos.

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