Rolex is undoubtedly one of the premium and the finest watches around the globe. The Swiss luxury wristwatch brand is touted as the crown of various film stars and celebrities, and it has been an integral part of modern cinema. Even though Rolex is designed to show you the exact time, just like other watches, it has created a brand value for its product by producing the most iconic and durable watches. One of the most common questions that pop up in the mind of people is why Rolex watches are so expensive? To answer this question, we have seven unique features and details about Rolex, which will justify the price tag of its luxury watches. is a trusted resource for the latest watch reviews with hands-on buying guides, advice, and inspiration to help watch enthusiasts make the right buying decisions.

7 Reasons Why Rolex Watches Are So Expensive

1. Expensive and High-Quality Materials 

One of the major factors that make Rolex watches expensive is the use of high-quality materials. Rolex uses high-quality 904L stainless steel to give its watches a classic and premium design. The stainless steel is expensive than other alternatives available in the market. However, it offers much shinier and iconic watches. Similarly, Rolex is said to be the only watchmaker to produce its own gold. The unique feature which makes Rolex stand apart is the internal manufacturing of materials. Both 904L stainless steel and gold Rolex watches require special skills and extra working hours. Since the Swiss luxury watchmaker controls the production of materials, it ensures perfection and appealing quality.

2. Use of Dynamic Technology

Technology is dynamic, and companies that are evolving with technologies are offering a better quality of products. Rolex knows the importance of dynamic technology, and it uses both human technologies as well as artificial technologies to produce its luxury watches. All the machines that are used by Rolex in the production of watches are dynamic and complex, and it requires special attention to achieve the desired quality. Rolex also uses robots in complex and simple tasks. The command given to robots is controlled by trained employees who are given special training. Generally, the company uses artificial technologies for the task that requires high precision level.

7 things that make Rolex watch expensive

3. Rolex Gemologists

Rolex has built an army of gemologists who determines the quality of all the products that are outsourced but used in the manufacturing process. In case if you are not aware, gemologists are individuals who identify gemstones for further valuation and studying. The army of gemologists in Rolex ensures that materials such as diamonds, rubies, and many more, which are outsourced are genuine and real. They also use special X-ray machines to differentiate between real and fake diamonds. Rolex also aligns with traditional jewelers in the selection of diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones.

4. Hand-Assembled Movements

Even though Rolex uses high-end robots for complex and simple tasks, most of the important work is done by humans. For instance, Rolex uses human resources when they assemble movement and bracelets. The use of robots and other machines is limited to filling, cataloging, and other simple procedures that only machines can perform. Also, the Swiss luxury watch brand uses robots in the initial stage of polishing watches before humans take over. The major reason for hand-assembled movements is the attention to detail. Rolex watches are produced using the finest materials, which are handpicked by gemologists. The hand-assembled movements ensure double safety check and testing by humans for the highest quality products.

Hand-Assembled Movements

5. Dynamic Research Facilities

Rolex has taken one step ahead and developed its own internal research and development department. Since the company focuses on the highest quality of products, the research facilities are equipped with professional and trained scientists where they work on new manufacturing techniques. Rolex has also developed a research facility with multiple electrons and some gas spectrometers. The dedicated room helps the trained scientists to closely study multiple materials and understand the manufacturing techniques for increasing the quality of production. Similarly, Rolex has also developed a special stress test room where all the watch movements and bracelets are put underwear and abuse on custom made machines to check the quality of watches. Rolex has also developed an extensive chemistry lab where the highly-trained scientist works on lubricants and oils which are used in the manufacturing of watches.

6. Water Resistant Watches

Rolex rolls out its watches in the market after the extreme stress test and tough conditions. The watches are carefully developed and check over by trained professionals to deliver the best quality products to its customers. Rolex watches also undergo a water-resistance test. The watches are tested under pressurized tanks. Not only this, but they are also tested in outdoor waters to ensure the highest quality products. Some Rolex watches are even water-resistant up to 300m, which shows remarkable quality production.

7. Rolex Watches are Luxury Goods

There are two basic types of goods that we use. The first one is a normal good, and the other one is luxury goods. Normal goods cover all the basic necessary items that are essential for survival. However, luxury goods offer social and personal satisfaction. Rolex watches fall under the category of a luxury product, and the price is one of the most important factors in luxury goods. The quality of production of attention to detail is reflected in the price tag of the watches. All the watches which are produced last for generations, and there are no mistakes or production deviation for complete customer satisfaction.

Rolex Watches are Luxury Goods


Rolex watches look elegant and classy. But the manufacturing process is no easy task. Every single watch is designed to perfection by both humans as well as artificial technology. At every step, Rolex focuses on attention to detail and does not compromise with the quality of the watches. For the highest quality and attention to detail, Rolex watches undergo a lot of tests under its research and development facilities. Also, Rolex takes almost a year to create a new collection to maintain all the quality standards. Therefore, the value and quality you get from the luxury watch brand are worth every single penny.

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