Are you looking to buy a new watch?

Buying your first watch takes a lot of your time and thought. A watch is a timeless piece that you can accessorize to almost any outfit. You always need to do a little research and consider its price and style.

You want a functional but fashionable watch that you can wear for years to come. The most important thing you need to know is how to wear a watch.

How to Wear a Watch: The Complete Style Guide for Men

If you’re trying to figure out how to wear a watch, you came to the right place! From a job interview to dressing up for a fancy occasion, here’s a fashion guide for new watch owners!

How Many Watches Do You Want to Wear?

If you want to buy a watch for everyday use, stick with a neutral style. It will be able to pair with any casual clothing and formal dresses.

If you’re going to wear a watch for special occasions, look for a watch with more restraints. A preferred watch to match this style is those with metal bands. You may also opt for a leather band, but this can be tricky to style with other accessories.

When styling leather band watches, ensure that the band’s color matches your shoes.

If you’re planning to own two or three watches, get varying styles for all occasions. You can wear a watch on both wrists to achieve a sleek and formal look or even combine old watches with new ones. Anything can go with this contemporary fashion, as it will depend on how you want to wear it.

What is Your Watch’s Style Type?

The kind of watch you own can influence your entire outfit and style. For instance, luxury dresses usually ask for formal attire. Match it with a fancy-looking watch, and it will start to add some suave to your suit.

There are different types of watches you can pull out together with different styles. That’s why if you’re ever going to wear a watch, match it with your style.

Field watches, known as trench watches, can withstand extreme weather conditions. It’s made with a stainless steel case or canvas. It makes it a good accessory to wear while hiking or even for casual events.

If you’re wearing an aviator or digital watch, you’re likely to be one for adventures. Although made for military action, it can pass as a casual accessory for hangouts. It’s a kind of watch that fits well in a working office environment.

What Kind of Strap Does it Have?

Are you wearing a metal band or a leather band watch? Each band can have a different meaning that you can use when choosing your outfit.

Metal watchbands welcome a neutral aura to the wearer. This kind of watch band matches well for men who are new to wearing jewelry.

You can choose a silver-colored band to match well with a white polo and a silver belt buckle. Other than cuff links, the metal band strap is interchangeable. That makes this kind of watch strap a simple and basic option.

Leather straps usually need to match with other leathers, but they can also look simpler than metal. A black leather band is a classic look and can heighten your formal looks. On less formal occasions, leather bands are more comfortable and approachable than metal.

In the end, there is no right or wrong answer in choosing the watch band. What does matter is your attitude when wearing one.

Which Wrist Should You Wear Your Watch On?

There is no wrong way which you wear can your watch. You can wear it on the right, left, or even both wrists. After all, there is no rule about wearing them on your non-dominant wrist.

If you’re a right-handed person, you wear it on your left wrist, and vice versa. That’s the traditional way of wearing a watch. Despite this, these days it’s acceptable to wear it on whichever wrist you’d prefer.

Inside or Outside the Cuff?

Leaving suits and dress shirts behind, watches can pair up with short or long sleeve shirts. There are no rules on which sleeve style you should wear the watches with, as long as it fits.

When wearing a long sleeve shirt, check your fit by relaxing your arms on both sides of the body while standing. The cuffs should cover a part of your watch but not all. Never wear it on top of the cuff, as it ruins the look on your wrist.

Once you bend your arm, your watch should be able to peek out of the cuff. It emphasizes its presence and catches others’ eyes to it. It’s also a good way to show off the beautiful timepiece you’re wearing.

If you’re wearing a short-sleeve shirt, avoid using a dress watch. It can make you look out of place. Opt for a sports or analog watch to go along with the casual outfit.

Accessorize Your Watch

Try accessorizing your watch. Although changing the strap is the only way of styling a watch, it’s a good way to avoid complicating the look.

With a simple switch of a leather strap, your dress watch can become a casual looking watch. It’s the same as changing it with all straps for weekend activities. Each strap has different materials that serve different purposes.

Black leather straps are best for formal occasions. Brown leather straps cross over into the smart-casual territory. Rubber straps can serve for outdoor activities and sports.

Anything goes when it comes to watch strap designs. Click here to discover more designs and customize your own look. A customized piece is a unique accessory to have in your wardrobe.

Now You Know How to Wear a Watch

Get yourself a nice looking watch today! Understand and know what situation the watch serves best and use it as you like. After all, there are no rules on how to wear a watch, so feel free to experiment with your style.

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