men's watch for all occasions

A watch is a perfect accessory to bring together a number of outfits for any occasion. The key is to make sure your watch is saying the right thing about you.

The wristwatch has been a classic men’s accessory since it became popularized in the 1920s.

Before the twentieth century, men preferred the pocket watch. Interestingly enough, this changed during WWI, when soldiers found pocket watches to be inconvenient and began wearing watches around their wrists. Fifty years later, in 1970, the first digital watch was developed-and, the accessory has been a staple in men’s fashion ever since.

A watch is a perfect accessory to bring together a number of outfits for any occasion.

one watch for all occasions

It is appropriate for the workplace, on a night out, running errands, or even hitting the gym. Really, you can’t go wrong with this classic men’s staple. Despite its versatility, it is important to acknowledge that the style of your watch should depend on the occasion. You wouldn’t wear a rubber sports watch for a formal occasion – would you?

While the primary purpose of a watch is to give us time, it can also say a lot about a man. The key is to make sure your watch is saying the right thing about you.

So how do you go about selecting the right watch for the occasion?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a watch is where you are going to be wearing it. For a day in the office, a standard gold or silver chronograph-style watch is always practical. Most are easy to set and will tell you the date. These classic styles will impress your boss and coworkers with their subtle taste and beauty.

Men’s watches are also great for more formal occasions, including meetings, interviews, or even on dates.

Which shape of watch is best?

If jewelry isn’t your thing, these classic watches can add style without being too obvious.

Perhaps you want the perfect watch for a night out with friends. In this scenario, your watch should make a bold statement. Opting for an interesting face color such as red, orange, or green will definitely grab attention. Neon colors are very popular this season.

If you are a fitness enthusiast or enjoy the great outdoors, a sturdy, waterproof watch with a rubber strap can be highly durable and versatile. You can wear this type of watch during anything from rock climbing to working out at the gym.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about taking your watch off to wash your hands or to even take a shower. Since the straps are rubber, you have more choices of colors and face plates so you can let your personal style shine.

Few accessories combine style and function like the watch. They are an excellent way to exercise time discipline, display style, show personality, and commemorate special life events. With a large selection of prices, styles, and functions available, watches are an item with endless possibilities.

If you are new to watches, it might be helpful to check out an online watch forum. You can also visit an online retailer, such as ShopNBC, for a large selection and customer reviews to find the perfect watch for your interests and lifestyle.

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