Watches are an enduring choice for those seeking something special. With so many innovations and exquisite features being added to classic watchmaking brands, there’s never been a better time to invest in a beautiful piece of wristwear.  

If you’re searching for a special timepiece, read on for some inspired ideas.

How to choose a watch

Before we look at the leading brands for 2023, it’s worth thinking about how to choose your timepiece. As with any adornment, a lot of your decision depends on personal taste. Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Consider the recipient

Are you buying for yourself, or will the watch be a gift? This is important as the style you like might not match that of someone you’re gifting a watch to, so it’s important that you get an idea of what the recipient likes before you make a big purchase. Take a look at any existing jewellery they wear or watches they currently own and use that as a basis for how you buy.

  • Be open minded

However, even if you think you know what some else likes, you might be surprised by the type of watch they want next. This applies to you too. Even if you’re buying for yourself, you might be surprised by the options available and discover that you long for something totally different to your usual style.

Therefore, it’s important that you’re open minded about the different watches on the market and that you take your time to work out what you like best – after all, a watch can be an investment piece that you want to wear for a long time.

  • Do some research

You might have a go-to brand that you’ve always loved. For instance, you may want to channel James Bond and wear the latest from OMEGA. Whether you have your sights set on the new Seamaster or you want to see what else the brand has to offer, when you find the watch you want, read up on it.

Research how deep you can dive in it, for example, or see what straps are available. This will be time well spent once you’ve settled on your purchase.

  • Buy new or pre-owned

Another way to be open minded is to consider buying a pre-owned piece. You don’t have to invest in a recent piece to have a beautiful watch on your wrist. Often, the used pieces hold more value than brand-new models. Take your time to explore what’s available and discover the history of the piece you’re considering buying.

What are the best brands?

There are plenty of brands that are a byword for quality in the world of watches. There are world-famous names like Rolex, OMEGA, TAG Heuer, Cartier, and Breitling. But there are also rising stars that do things a little differently, like Hublot, with its neon straps and exposed dials.

Tech used in watchmaking has changed rapidly in recent years, and watches have become pieces of art in their own right. So, you might decide to take the plunge and try something new or go for a classic design.

Take your time to explore what’s available and you’ll find the best brand to match you or the person you’re buying for.

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