An outfit isn’t complete without some accessories. Take it from Coco Chanel, famous for various accessories-related quotes besides her chic clothing creations. Ever since antiquity, women have relied on jewelry to transform their looks and add a bit of glam and color. And things aren’t any different even today after all the fashion trends that have come and gone.

Much like anything to do with fashion, there’s an array of options, so you have no excuse not to accessorize with them. A few carefully chosen rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces, brooches, and hair accessories can turn the most basic of outfits into ones full of character, much like iconic purses and handbags, or sunglasses. With so many choices, however, one can’t blame you if you feel overwhelmed when shopping.

To make an instant difference, the key is to buy designer pieces that are as unique as you. If you like to keep up with the latest trends, you may want to look into the beauty of handmade resin jewelry. If you are a ‘90s kid, you probably recall how big of a trend this type of accessory was at the time.

Why Is Resin Jewelry Popular Again?

Well, the nostalgia for the culturally and fashionably advanced pre-web era has something to do with it, especially considering how many old trends have been trending as of late. The bike shorts, the knee socks, the chokers, the thick headbands, and of course, the resin hair clips, pins, necklaces, and earrings have gone through a revival. And what a revival!

Another reason they became something all the cool celebs and IT girls wear was the interest in DIY content that has been trending on apps such as TikTok. Instagram was another platform that propelled the trend to its glory, with the jewelry popping up on various influencers’ feeds.

While the supplies needed to make your own are readily available, such as the material, mixing tools, and embellishments like beads, the less creative and crafty can rejoice in the diverse range of handmade resin jewelry and accessories available by designers. Other explanations for the craze would be that this material can be both luxurious and simple, depending on the specific shape, design, and combination.

There are the simple and monochromatic, the colored and vibrant, and the fun with a mixture of patterns. Also, some pieces can be cheaper than others. Then again, it’s all a matter of whether you’re willing to inject your style and outfits with something more generic without the luxe or with unique and designer-made creations that are truly valuable and durable. Simply put, there’s the right resin accessory for every budget and taste which is where the charm lies!

But remember, the pricier pieces may come with a higher price tag due to the higher quality of the material used for them, the unique swirls created, and the addition of precious metals like gold and silver, so you truly get what you pay for. Moreover, a handmade jewelry resin piece is different from mass-produced items that look the same without any unique bits and details.

Ways to Boost Your Outfits With These Trendy Accessories

Ways to Boost Your Outfits With These Trendy Accessories

Considering the variety of this type of jewelry is vast, the styling possibilities are endless. You can easily incorporate it in your day-to-day ensembles as much as the work attire and the more special occasion outfits.

With casual looks that are comprised of the classic pair of jeans topped up with a casual tee, you have many ways to how you can use the beauty of resin to add some drama and color. Jewelry fully made of this material, in the form of bangles, rings, or even necklaces in bold colors are all options you can choose to wear, and you can have fun creating your mixes, whether they match in color, shade, or form.

For a more personalized approach, you can even try wearing different colors and forms. Simple dresses and blouses that lack details are the perfect blank canvas you can use to beautify with the charm of oversized accessories available in all sorts of hues and shapes (regular and irregular). Whether you have your eyes set on long resin bangles, hoops or clip-on earrings, necklaces with big oddly shaped pendants, or chunky rings, it’s easy to use them as the main ingredients to create your signature looks.

For workwear, the choice mainly depends on how relaxed of a dress code you have in the company where you work. If it’s more to the casual side, even smart casual, you can enhance the outfits with some of the aforementioned options, which is slightly different when it comes to the more restricted dress codes that are more on the formal side. If that is the case, you still have plenty of options for accessories left, they’re just different because they’re more elegant.

Your looks comprised of pencil skirts, formal dresses, tailored suits, blazers, chinos, blouses, and dress shirts could do with some of the beauty of resin with sterling silver and gold, with intricate detailing and pearls. Gold, silver, and brass necklaces with delicate resin pendants are also must-haves, as are smooth and perfectly shaped bangles with some gold, silver, and brass elements. Each of these is great on its own as well as used in combination with cute and small studs or long drop earrings which are more suited for less formal workspaces.

How to Care for Your New Accessories?

And the best of all in investing in such luxurious pieces is that they go just as beautifully with your special occasions’ ensembles. Keep this in mind on your next purchase! It would also help to create your perfect outfits as you browse through all the available resin jewelry to get an idea of what would best work for you, your style, your work requirements, and your closet in general. To make them look good as the new time and time again, however, you need to do your part.

How to Care for Your New Accessories?

Although it’s a material considered to be highly durable, this still doesn’t mean you can put it through just about anything. You don’t want to do to your precious resin accessories what you wouldn’t do to your other accessories. Exposure to heat, sun, water, and damage from impact can all take their toll, leading to discoloration, and softening, so it’s advisable to store your jewelry in the designated jewelry box after every use and in temperatures that don’t fluctuate too much.

Avoid sleeping with the accessories as you may bump or scratch them, and you may affect their water-repelling properties if you tend to shower while wearing them. Remember to wipe them up with a soft cloth before storage to remove any skin oils, and keep them away from any harsh chemicals. Some examples of what you should avoid are acetone, alcohol, chlorine, hand sanitizer, hair spray, and perfume. A little care goes a long way!

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