Some couples build bespoke custom jewelry like moissanite pendants to mark their special bond. Both are unique. The process of designing a custom jewelry can be scary and puzzling. Although there appears to be a limitless number of options, such options are limited by the budget. You will be able to build the perfect piece of diamond jewelry with the assistance of topnotch designers. Make your jewelry one-of-a-kind by designing a custom moissanite pendant of your choice (natural, moissanite, lab-grown, or gemstone). When you are about to design your own moissanite custom pendant, you will be allowed to select your choice’s shape, size, and quality.

Process to Design Your Own Moissanite Custom Pendant

Exciting possibilities await you when you set out to designing a custom moissanite pendant. Your custom moissanite jewelry can be the perfect gift for you. It has a classic and glittering appearance. Any piece of moissanite jewelry would make a wonderful present, but a piece customized to the recipient’s tastes brings something extra special. You can express your feelings for a special someone by creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry only for them. A customized gift is a show of exceptional love and care you have towards the receiver. 

The Most Efficient Approach to Designing A Custom Moissanite Pendant

Showing off your impeccable taste in jewelry with moissanite crafted specifically for you is a unique experience. The choice of which stone will complement your custom moissanite pendant the most is the most crucial decision to make, even though there are numerous designs and possibilities to choose from. The ability to identify your individual preferences is essential to designing jewelry. Everyday wearable jewelry can be chosen from among a variety of options. The price tag is steep for high-end jewelry made of moissanite. If the investment turns out to be profitable, that is encouraging. Here are some of the guidelines for creating the perfect customized pendant for your style.

Your Concept or Style

Sessions of personalized exploration might assist you in accomplishing your goals! Your chosen pendant should depict the one-of-a-kind romance between you and your partner. We provide guided exploration sessions to assist you in producing moissanite jewelry that is superior to anything you could have imagined. Please create a pendant that will stand the test of time, regardless of how creative you are or how much experience you have. You can select a customized listing or upload an image to use as motivation. After that, jewelers will get to work creating the moissanite jewelry that you have envisioned.

Get An Early Start

After you have made your choice, you may begin processing your moissanite pendant. Here are some actions that make up the process for customizing your pendant:

  • Share your ideas
  • Edit images if needed
  • Allow sufficient time for the production of the pendant.
  • Expect 4-7 weeks. Make sure to book your session at least eight weeks in advance. It is important to start soon if you want a bespoke moissanite pendant because the process could take months. If the design is altered in any way, the production time for the pendant will increase.

Consider Your Finances

Moissanite pendants built to order are more expensive, but this considering your budge would ensure you get exactly what you desire according to your financial capacity. Provide the jeweler with the characteristics of the piece of jewelry you want and the budget you have in mind. Before designing a custom moissanite pendant that will serve you for a significant amount of time, it is important to consider your financial strength.

Carat Size, Color, And Cut 

Diamonds come in only a limited number of shapes. However, moissanite gemstones can be found in a variety of guises. Diamonds often come in the following shapes: round, cushion, radiant, princess, emerald, etc. Round diamonds are the most common. The follwig are having less weight trillion, rose, marquise, Ascher, shield, old European, baguette, antique, and  custom are not used very often. Moissanite comes in various sizes. The moissanite can be shaped according to your specifications. There is a wide range of hues available for moissanite. Yellow, blue-green, and gray moissanite are the common available colors.

Consider Metal

There are exceptions to the rule that the most expensive metal is also the best. The selection of a precious metal is of the utmost importance. The most recent pendant fashion trend features moissanite mounted in 14-karat yellow gold. Regarding moissanite pendant settings, rose gold and platinum are two of the finest metal options.

Pavé settings are appropriate for use with moissanite as well as lab-grown diamonds. The components of a customized Moissanite pendant are up to you. You can customize your pendant by adding pavé bands, prongs, galleries, accent baskets, side stones, secret accent stones, and a halo. Other available customizations include secret accent stones. Remember to mention something unique to each of your design or that of your partner.

Develop A Plan Of Action

Before you acquire any custom jewelry, think about how long the wait will take. If you want to design pendants using diamonds and moissanite, make a plan and determine in advance when you’ll need your jewelry by creating a schedule. Examine the shipment timetables as well as the return policies. Always have a plan B ready in case of unforeseen delays.

By implementing these suggestions, you can create bespoke jewelry of the highest quality. You do not need to sacrifice anything before designing a custom moissanite pendant. Customized jewelry, like the most exquisite moissanite pendant, is not mass made; as a result, it is timeless and will always stay in style because its your idea and style.


Before choosing a designer for your pendant, ensure they are dependable and always delivered on promptly. Some hardworking professionals provide customers with support at every stage of the process. Designing a custom moissanite pendant is not a big deal when put in trusted hands. Before purchasing a piece of Moissanite jewelry, consider these tips and let them be your guide from the start to finish your custom moissanite pendant. 

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