Are you planning to start a jewelry business? Then this article is for you. In this article, I will introduce you some good jewelry manufacturing and supplying companies, particularly those specializing in Wholesale 14K Gold Jewelry. These companies can provide you with a wide range of exquisite gold jewelry pieces at competitive prices, allowing you to explore exciting opportunities in the jewelry market. You can buy their jewelry in wholesale prices either you can manufacturer your jewelry line for them.

Top 5 Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

Fashion Designer Jewelry Pieces

This type of jewelry is very popular with top clients such as famous artists, actors, or artists because of their unique branding and unique features.

These types of jewelry are usually designed by well-known designers and will often go hand in hand with the idea of ​​high fashion design, inspiration, or personality of the designers.

When published and released on the market, designer jewelry will first be accepted by a small group of top sponsors, and then well received by the public.

However, designer jewelry is usually made of precious stones and valuables such as gold or silver, so this type of jewelry is used mainly by wealthy clients.

Affordable Fashion Costume Jewelry

Cheap Fashion Costume Jewelry

Many girls and women these days are crazy about buying this kind of fashion jewelry because it is cheap and with their huge variety.

This type of jewelry is usually designed and produced by jewelry retailers inspired by designer jewelry, with this type of jewelry design and its cheap nature, every girl can buy fashion jewelry to follow fashion and show beauty.

925 Sterling silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is like a fashion icon that has been around for a long time. Whether members of royalty, superstars, or ordinaries, silver jewelry can be adorned with beautiful earrings, necklaces or bracelets, or brooches.

925 silver sterling is also known as a precious metal, so it makes it a little different than ordinary imitation jewelry, women will often buy and wear this type of jewelry at important events or even keep it as a treasure.

All of these people buy their own unique pieces of jewelry like the ones listed above in department stores dealing with all kinds of gemstones and plain jewelry.

These stores also have a wholesale retailer that provides them with the jewelry their customers want and makes the jewelry business grow.

As a retailer dealing with the sale of various pieces of jewelry, you will need to find a reliable and leading supplier of your jewelry pieces that can produce long-term effective relationships for both you and the supplier.

There are many top sellers of jewelry in India, China, the UK, and other countries. These providers work in both online and face-to-face jewelry delivery.

As a jewelry retailer who wants his business to grow in retail and resale of jewelry, you will need to meet or partner with the best jewelry suppliers around the world, where I will give you the top 5 wholesale jewelry suppliers below.

Reliable trusted Top 5 Wholesale jewelry suppliers

Kalakarni Handicrafts

  • Kalakarni Handicrafts is a leading custom jewelry manufacturer in India. Specialization in beading jewelry manufacturing works with all kinds of natural gemstones and diamonds.
  • Kalakarni Handicrafts make customized Jewelry lines for wholesalers, private labels, jewelry brands, and designers.
  • Working for many jewelry brands and private labels. International quality finish products in super wholesale prices.
  •  Deals into base metal gold, silver, brass. Most trust-able Jewelry supplier from India.


  • The company was originally established in the United Kingdom but later moved to China to run its business and that made its acquisition of jewelry much cheaper and easier.
  • Thinking of yourself as your source of jewelry is a good idea because they offer advanced services that include accurate delivery time.
  • If they are minor problems in jewelry products, they solve problems quickly.

Jewelry Max

  • Most of us would have heard of jewelry Max and the benefits you often get as a retailer.
  • Jewelry Max is another outstanding jewelry supplier because their jewelry pieces are beautiful and offer excellent customer service.

Wholesale Sparkle

  • If you are looking for silver jewelry or 14K gold jewelry products, wholesale glitter must be considered as one of the leading suppliers.
  • They are based in LA, California, and are committed to providing the best cheap wholesale silver jewelry prices along with the best online shopping experience.
  • They ship jewelry to all U.S. states. 50 for flat shipping costs, so U.S. jewelry buyers can benefit greatly by buying more shiny jewelry.

Kole Imports

  • Kole Imports is located in the United States and is already one of the top and most reputable retailers and suppliers of jewelry pieces.
  • They provide discount services and do not give all sellers anything to worry about shipping their pieces of jewelry.
  • As a jewelry retailer or reseller, you have no problem working with Kole Imports as their pieces of jewelry is of good quality.
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