Keeping your jewelry clean goes a long way in ensuring it lasts long and you have a token of love to pass on to future generations. However delicate or sturdy your jewelry pieces are, there’s a way to care for them and make them last for years to come.

We all love our jewelry pieces, and while we want them to remain pristine at all times, everyday wear exposes them to moisture and chemicals in our serums and lotions, forming a coat that reduces their shine. It eventually makes our necklaces, earrings, and rings look older than they are. Regular care and maintenance can ensure that your pieces of jewelry stay new and are protected from damage.

Here are some ways to clean your jewelry and make them shine their brightest at all times.

1. Avoid harsh chemicals

It may seem best to use tough stain and grime removers for cleaning. However, the truth is that these chemicals can potentially corrode your jewelry, chip the metal coating on it, or cause damage to the gemstones. Thus, harsh chemicals like bleaches, deep cleaners, and detergents should be avoided at all costs.

Instead, using a mild soap and water solution in a 1:4 ratio to clean your jewelry yields miraculous results. You can use an unused toothbrush to clean the intricate design gently. Additionally, it is always best to opt for metal-specific cleaning agents to avoid the chances of chemical reactions.

2. Don’t use abrasive cleaners to remove dirt

Avoid using metal brushes or steel wools to remove dirt or grime deposits on intricate patterns, as they can cause significant damage and ruin the jewelry’s overall appearance.

Instead, consider using a new toothbrush or cotton earbuds to scrape off the impurities from the surface gently. Furthermore, if you are using a drying cloth, opt for natural fabrics like cotton, as they can absorb moisture and remove any dirt or grime that could be lingering on the surface.

3. Using isopropyl rubbing alcohol

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol can give excellent results when used for cleaning jewelry. It is particularly useful if you have to clean your gold and diamond pieces. To use it, pour an appropriate amount of the chemical into a container (preferably glass) and submerge your jewelry pieces in it for 20 minutes. If your jewelry is too dirty, you can leave them in for one or two hours. Avoid leaving the jewelry overnight.

Ana Luisa: Jewelry made to last

Jewelry is a precious investment for many. They are part of their everyday life and hold incredibly sentimental value. Hence, you should always be careful not to use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning products for your jewelry. However, brands like Ana Luisa Jewelry are known for creating jewelry that is easy to maintain and clean. Opt for Ana Luisa to ensure you spend more time wearing your jewelry and less time cleaning them.

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