The new year is here, which means a fresh wave of fashion trends is ready and waiting to be explored. From our clothes to our homes, we’re starting 2024 in style – and that applies to our new favorite jewelry looks too.

Here, we take a look at the top jewelry trends to look out for in the new year.

Jumbo pearls

With fashion-forward celebrities such as Harry Styles and Madison Beer bringing pearls into the limelight last year, we’re expected to see larger, statement pearls making a comeback.

Becoming a statement piece to many outfits, pearls are the new diamonds. Whether you choose to opt for a bold necklace or elegant pearl earrings, you’ll be sure to catch the light with this timeless gem.

Shoulder-skimming earrings

Shoulder-skimming earrings

Prepare to go extra as earrings are set to be larger than life in 2024. Long earrings were originally designed to elongate your neck and correct your posture, so it’s no wonder this trend is coming back into the spotlight.

Turn heads by rocking a pair of shoulder-skimming earrings and let this trend do all the talking. With large jewels and pearls set to be the most popular features of earring designs in ’23, get ready to catch the light and look stunning when you wear your new favorite accessory.

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings: Jewelry Trends That Matter

One of the biggest trends to make a comeback in the new year is the cocktail ring. Originally becoming popular in the Roaring Twenties, women wore this fine piece of jewelry to let waiters know that they were looking for an alcoholic beverage.

Cocktail rings provide an effortless way to spruce up an outfit, looking both stylish and timeless. Preferably worn on your right hand, a large cocktail ring worn on your middle finger can be super eye-catching.

This piece of jewelry offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality, and they’re a fun way to spice up an evening. Choose your favorite stone or gem and wear your new glamorous accessory to all the big parties you have coming up in the new year.

If you’re investing in expensive gemstones, it might be worth thinking about taking out jewelry insurance. This could provide you with a little peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

Chunky cuffs

Jewelry trends: Chunky cuffs

Elevate your look with a bold chunky cuff. They’re incredibly versatile, allowing you to layer to your heart’s content. Choose your favorite style, from blingy bracelets, sophisticated leather, or embellished jewels.

Available in all shapes and sizes, take your pick depending on your outfit and wear some serious arm candy.

Collar necklaces

Collar necklaces

Chunky doesn’t just stop at bracelets. Collar necklaces will never go out of style and the choker is here to stay. Choose your desired shape, size, and look and grab everyone’s attention.

Known as a closet classic, this 90s-style piece always stays on top of the trends. It’s safe to say – the bigger the better for 2024.

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