Accessories complete an outfit and add those special finishing touches that express your personal style. Jewelry in particular serves as the perfect punctuation mark to any look. This season brings exciting new jewelry trends that will upgrade your wardrobe and have you looking fashion-forward. Here are 10+ must-have fashion jewelry styles for the trendsetters and fashion lovers.

Chunky Chain Necklaces

Bold, chunky chain necklaces are having a major moment. Oversized chain links in gold, silver or acrylic make a dramatic statement around your neck. Choose a thick Cuban link chain necklace for that high-fashion flair or try hammered metal links for boho vibes. Layer a chunky chain necklace over a simple t-shirt or slip dress to instantly transform the look. This eye-catching accessory provides an edgy contrast to feminine outfits.

Hoop Earrings

Give your ears a glam update with hoop earrings. From slim, mini hoops to dramatic oversized hoops, these circular stunners add allure to any outfit. Go for gold or silver hoops engraved with designs for that luxe, maximalist touch. Acrylic, bamboo or shell hoops in eclectic shapes and colors embody bohemian chic style. For a vintage vibe, opt for hoops with pearls or crystal accents. Hoop earrings are set to be one of the biggest jewelry trends this season.

Korean Fashion Jewelry

What do hoop earrings symbolize?

Korean fashion jewelry is making waves globally for its creative, youthful designs. Stackable acrylic bracelets, rings and earrings in vivid colors and playful shapes define the Korean jewelry wholesale aesthetic. Nature motifs like animals and flowers inspire adorable Korean jewelry. Eye-catching metal nameplate necklaces engraved with Korean characters are also popular. The cute, customizable and affordable nature of Korean fashion jewelry has captured young trendsetters worldwide.

Charms and Pendants

Charms and pendants attached to delicate chains or chokers give necklaces an adorable, personalized look. Stylish letter pendants based on your initial or meaningful words like “hope” or “love” are popular. For a sentimental touch, choose a necklace with your birthstone or zodiac sign pendant. Or get playful by layering multiple colorful enamel, flower or animal charms together. Mismatched charms in varying shapes and textures create an eclectic effect. This fun jewelry trend adds whimsical, statement-making style.

Vintage Brooches

Brooches continue their comeback as an eco-friendly vintage jewelry option. These ornate decorative pins add antique allure to lapels, coats, hats and more. Look for vintage brooches at secondhand stores or inheritance pieces from relatives. Sparkling rhinestone and crystal brooches work for formal wear. Fanciful filigree or floral brooches embody bohemian style. Since each vintage brooch has a story behind it, this jewelry trend uniquely expresses personal style and history.

Anti-Necklace Theory Necklaces

Anti-Necklace Theory highlights unique, artful necklaces that break from classic necklace design. Sculptural pendants in abstract shapes, uneven multi-chain styles and asymmetrical arrangements define these avant-garde designs. Necklaces featuring bold combinations of metals and gems also fall under this theory. By abandoning uniformity and embracing asymmetry and imperfection, these necklaces provide an unexpected twist to accessorizing. To find these kinds of experimental, artsy necklaces, check out a wholesale jewelry online supplier that features up-and-coming designers. The Anti-Necklace Theory movement encourages innovative jewelry craftsmanship and freedom of design.

Anti-Necklace Theory Necklaces

Single Earring Look

Make a bold fashion statement by rocking a single statement earring. Any dramatic, eye-catching earring style works for this edgy look, like a long feather earring, large pearl drop earring or sparkling chandelier earring in one ear only. Leave the other ear bare or stack your ear with multiple piercings and simpler studs or hoops. This anti-symmetrical jewelry styling draws attention and oozes confidence and attitude.

Stackable Rings

One ring is nice but a stack of rings takes your jewelry game to the next level. Mixing multiple thin bands in gold, silver, rose gold and affordable fashion metals creates an eclectic stacked ring look. Slide on a few slender midi rings mixing metals and silhouettes for boho flair. Or stack skinny diamond eternity bands for an opulent feel. Play around combining plain and gemstone-adorned stacking rings for lots of dazzling combinations. Stackable rings are the easy way to wear the layering jewelry trend.

Chain Belts

For the ultimate vintage fashionista look, cinch your waist with a chain belt. Gold or silver chains add instant glam to dresses, skirts and high-waisted jeans. Look for belts with classic metal links or double chains with embellishments like gems or pearls. Wrap a few slim chains around your waist a few times for a multi-chain belt effect. Chain belts provide that perfect final touch of retro chic.

Hair Jewelry

Hair accessories like pearl clips, silk scarves and fabric headbands are surging in popularity. But jewelry is making its way into tresses too. Allure your locks with dazzling hair jewelry like etched metal cuffs, chains with charms and crystal hair pins. These eye-catching toppers adorn your hair with gemstones and metallic sheen. For boho flair weave leather cords with beads into braids. Or accessorize an updo with a glittering jeweled brooch or hair stick. Elevating your hairstyle with such hair accessories brings an ornate, elegant vibe.

Stackable Bracelets

Stacking bracelets has emerged as a top jewelry trend. The arm party look calls for loading up your wrist with a mix of bracelets in complementing metals, gemstones and styles. Stacking thin bangles together is an easy way to incorporate this trend. Try colorful enamel bracelets with gold for a fun pop. Or mix metal chain bracelets in silver, gold and rose gold for visual interest. When it comes to bracelet stacking, the more mismatched the better for an ultra-stylish statement.

Zipper Jewelry

Quirky jewelry styles are having a moment, especially pieces that incorporate zippers. Zipper pendants and bracelets add an unconventional, artsy element to your look. Long zipper pulls dangling from necklaces nod to vintage and punk fashion. Wraparound zipper cuffs make for edgy bracelets with attitude. Zipper accents on rings, earrings and headbands also thrill fashionistas. Zipper jewelry gives you a way to accessorize playfully.

Celestial Jewelry

Reach for the stars with celestial jewelry motifs. Crescent moon pendants, starburst studs and zodiac symbol rings all embrace this dreamy trend. Style sparkling star jewelry with eveningwear for an ethereal goddess vibe. Or layer necklaces with moon, sun and star pendants for a mystical combination. Celestial jewelry in gold, diamonds and gemstones make it work for day or night wear. Add some planetary magic to your look with these jewelry designs inspired by the heavens above.

Fashion jewelry this season means having fun and experimenting with these on-trend styles. Stack, mix and layer your jewelry for a curated look that shows off your unique spirit. Use accessories to make even simple outfits pop. Keep your jewelry updated with pieces in these eye-catching silhouettes and motifs to stay at the forefront of fashion trends.

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