Tips for styling your jewelry
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Women may have an extensive jewelry collection filled with all the pieces they love but often cannot make the most of it. Does this situation sound familiar to your own? You might be unsure where to start, or you’re unsure which pieces would work. Well, making proper use of jewelry can bring out the best in a lady’s personality and features. Without the right accessories, your outfit might look dull. However, if you know how to pair dainty rings, necklaces, or bracelets right, it instantly becomes stylish!

The right piece of jewelry changes the way your clothes work. Whether you wear a simple necklace with a heavily-embellished dress or subtle yet long earrings with a simple outfit, it has the power to uplift your look instantly. Besides that, it allows you to make your outfit look different whenever you pair it with separate jewelry pieces. The exquisite collection they offer can effortlessly elevate your outfits, be it a heavily-embellished dress paired with a simple necklace or a casual ensemble accentuated by elegant and lengthy earrings

Here are some valuable tips to help you style your jewelry and make it look perfect.

Try mixing metals

Mixing different colors of metal was once seen as a sin in jewelry fashion. This is no longer the case. Luckily, there is no need to stick to all gold, silver, or rose gold jewelry! Hence, think about unusual jewellery pieces that come in varying colors, such as those with contrasting chains. Consider rings that mix various metal colors or bangles in different metals to give your overall look a vibrant touch and oomph.

While mixing metals, it’s better to stay consistent with the style. Stick to combining plating rather than mixing chunky jewelry styles. For instance, if you usually wear dainty gold necklaces, try adding a delicate silver piece instead of going for a chunky silver chain.

Create layers

Try playing with contrasting lengths, shapes, colors, and textures to make attractive layers with jewelry pieces like necklaces, bangles, and earrings! If you are considering layering necklaces, go for different lengths. Moreover, different colors and textures will often go great together. Choose the necklaces by looking at the color and shape of the pendant. For instance, consider a bold necklace in the middle and a subtle yet elegant-looking necklace beneath it to add a versatile touch to your outfit.

For bangles or bracelets, create an arm party with new pieces which will flash as you move. Besides that, you can mix and match the rings in all sorts of combinations. Perhaps, if you’re deciding to wear cocktail rings, it’s better to choose one statement piece that can be worn alone and pair it with other simple details.

Consider earrings

Do you also find it too simple to ignore your earrings? If yes, you need to realize that your earrings are noticeable to anyone communicating with you, making them essential. Hence, try choosing earrings that suit your features and face. If you have a round-shaped face, long geometric earrings would be perfect. Besides that, teardrop or dangle earrings would also be a fantastic choice.

Moreover, choose earrings that complement the color of your hair. If you have golden hair, gold earrings are likely to look beautiful. Women with darker hair can choose silver or platinum earrings. In addition, consider your earrings by determining where you will be wearing them. If you need a pair for the office, try the classic styles in silver or gold.

Don’t follow the trends blindly

Undoubtedly, trends influence what everyone wears to some point, which is alright. However, it’s never a great idea to follow fashion blindly. Instead, try figuring out your style of jewelry that suits you and makes you feel great. When choosing jewelry pieces, always consider what works with your frame, coloring, and a general sense of fashion. In addition, keep your personality in mind; everyone has a different personality. Hence, make sure you shine through the jewelry you pick.

Decide the central point for your jewelry

Ask yourself, ‘where do you want people’s eyes to go first if you’re getting ready for something big?’. If you’re wearing pieces of jewelry that are meant to catch the eye, it’s best to focus on one body area you wish to bring attention to. For example, if you have paired a bold necklace, go for subtle earrings and rings to let the necklace shine. Or you can consider leaving them altogether. Work out the main point of your jewellery and ensure other pieces don’t overshadow it.

Bracelets matter

Bracelets can act as reliable jewelry pieces for your look if you know how to pair them. When choosing a bracelet, you must keep the occasion in your mind. Think, ‘is it more casual or formal?’. The vibe you wish to give will differ depending on the event you attend. For instance, you can add many colors and shapes if you’re going on a first date, whereas professional occasions usually call for more subtle bracelets. In addition, something light and subtle like a slim chain bracelet will look perfect with heavily patterned clothes.

Final thoughts

While styling your jewelry, try creating layers of similar necklaces and rings. Besides that, consider adding appropriate earrings to your outfit and mixing different metals to add a new touch. While deciding on your accessories, make sure you choose the focal point of jewelry to ensure other pieces don’t clash. Pick what suits your personality and let others get inspired.

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