The ’90s are back and you want in. Finally, the cargo shorts, chokers, and chunky jewelry you saved can see the light of day again. What’s next but an ankle bracelet!

Whether delicate, jingly, hemp-derived, or chunky, bringing an ankle bracelet to 2021 must be handled with care.

The following is a three-step guide on how to wear an anklet with style and grace.

This Is How to Wear an Anklet the Right Way

Step 1: The History

To bring back a certain type of clothing style, accessory, or even language means to understand where it came from.

That’s why we’re here. We’ve done the research for you so you don’t have to.

An anklet can be traced 8,000 years back to Mesopotamia. Then and even now, in India, the anklet is used to symbolize a married woman’s connection to her husband and his wealth. Lower classes would tie leather or rope around their ankles for good luck or protection against bad spirits.

The Payal is an anklet with bells, or ghungroos, used for traditional Indian dance.

Women in this culture avoid wearing gold around their ankles as they symbolize the god of wealth, Kubera. Connecting a symbolic metal like gold to an area of the body that is unclean is extremely disrespectful.

Today, the Indian anklet style has loosened in younger generations. Take care to observe these practices with care – especially if you travel to an Asian country.

Step 2: Style

Wondering how to wear your anklet and which design to choose?

While the options may seem endless, the best way to consider the style you prefer is to think about the situation.


On the top of the formal list is a wedding. If you’re getting married, your shoes may need a bit more flare above the standard white strap. Opt for a more elaborate style that begins at the ankle and covers the foot and connects to your toe.

To wear an anklet on the first date or at a fancy restaurant today is up for no debate. With the rise of decorative ankle straps for heels, a simple strap or tie can be amped up a bit with a pearl-studded anklet, diamond, or elegant design. There are incredible styles at the collection that will certainly fit this occasion.

Another formal occasion, however, maybe your workplace. In this situation, most office settings would not find a sparkly, even elegant anklet appropriate attire.


Think beach, lunch, or clothes shopping. Any warm day welcomes fun accessories. With a fresh manicure, cute shorts, or a midiskirt and flats, there’s no reason to keep your anklet at home.

A fun day at the beach could invite an anklet made of hemp or suede. On these occasions, opt for a style that is more loose-fitting. You should find the anklet dangles below your ankle bone and move freely.

Step 3: Ready, Set, Glow

With a touch of femininity and grace, an anklet can tell the story of your night, your life, and your personality. The style originated from Asian culture, but today, many Asian civilians wear the style casually as well.

That’s How to Wear an Anklet

We hope this helped you learn how to wear an anklet. Now you can step out of your door this summer glimmering from head to ankle.

Keep reading our blog for more style and fashion advice. You deserve gorgeous jewelry!

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