Are you wondering about buying a slightly different but unique lab-grown diamond with straight cuts? If yes, then here come Cushion Cut Lab-Grown diamonds. But will you get a real cushion effect? Yes! These round cut lab grown diamonds come in cut sides and rounded corners, which give a plumping pillow effect. You will definitely get something extremely different but unique. Cushion cut stones diamonds evolved from the ancient cutting style diamond known as Old Mined Cut.

But those people who are looking to buy these rare diamonds can only get them in those stores that provide lab-grown diamonds. You can find a series of ancient cushion cut Jewelry that are extremely expensive but rare. Today, thousands of women look for these stones, which feature unique cut faceting. These diamonds give you a romantic vibe with an ancient root feel. No, what are you waiting for? Get these cushion-cut lab-grown diamonds from the Rare Carat Diamonds collection now!

What to Know About Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamonds?

Cushion-cut diamonds are one of the popular but classic diamond shapes of diamond available in the diamond market. You will get variation in these diamonds, which gives a pillow-like and soft appearance. You will get small to larger facets of rounded diamonds as per your demand. You may find these cushion-like lab-grown diamonds with rounded or rectangular shapes, which create an elegant and timeless jewelry piece. 

Perfect Place to Buy Cushion Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds – Rare Carat!

Do you want to buy cushion cut round lab grown diamonds with straight cuts then check our Rare Carat recent collection now. However, there are several factors you need to know like diamond cut, clarity, length-width of straight cuts and size of diamond. If you are looking to buy something unique for your engagement which is rare then spend it in Rare Carat Round Cushion cut lab-grown diamond rings. 

Let’s check out what sort of rings you can buy which are made with these round-cut diamonds. 

Cushion Shape Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

It is one of the evergreen and classic designs you can find in the market. You will get these rings with cushion effect along with solitaire diamonds. It gives a clean, elegant and simple look that gains much attention. There are multiple styles of rings you can still choose made with cushion cut diamonds. You can choose the metal type you want according to your style. 

Cushion Shape Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want something shiny and a sober look of cushion, cut multiple diamonds and go for our three-stone diamond engagement ring. These three-stone cushion-cut diamond rings are specially designed for those who want something heavy but shiny. It has a little bit more grandeur and luxurious appearance than solitaire and other styling. 

Cushion Shape Cluster Diamond Engagement Rings:

Do you need to have cushion cut diamond rings which entail a bunch of diamonds but organized in a neat design? If yes then Rare Carat have a cluster cushion cut lab-grown diamond ring that is a statement style for those you want complementary rings for their special occasion. The Rare Carat team follow grain design which is known as filigree styling to make these absolute regal rings made with cushion cut diamonds. 

Bezel Cushion Cut Engagement Rings:

Bezel Rare Carat diamond rings setting refer to the most secure and sophisticated pattern. Bezel diamond settings involve the encircling design with use of cushion cut diamonds with a bezel or metal rim. These materials hold the stone in an accurate place to give a more secure appearance of diamonds. This metal or bezel rim is surrounded with the perimeter of straight cut diamonds which gives a distinctive and secure look.

Cushion Shape Halo Diamond Engagement Rings:

It is one of the highly-recommended and best-selling designs. If you are looking for a delicate and simple halo ring with cushion cut diamonds then this is the best option. Halo diamond shape is a forever favorite and famous option in the market. The Halo Diamond Engagement Ring has a great design. The overall appearance only enhances the shine of the central cushion cut diamond.


Cushion cut diamonds have a unique look than other styles found in the market. Rare Carat have a lot of designs made with round cushion cut lab-grown diamonds. You can find out any design along with customization you need for your occasion. Also check out a brief guide of Rare Carat rings formation at to check out the process made by experts!

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