Fashion moves fast. Trends come and go all the time and are influenced by both internal and external factors. Jewelry is often regarded as trend-resistant, but the type and style of jewelry we wear is just as susceptible to change as anything else.

Sustainability is a big thing these days, and we’ve seen increased concern for the environment and natural world filter down into the jewelry industry. Lab-grown diamonds have been leading the line when it comes to sustainable jewelry. Let’s take a closer look at what lab-grown diamonds are and discuss how you can style lab-grown diamond earrings.

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Humans have worn and traded diamonds for much of our history. These beautiful stones are prized for their appearance, rarity and durability, and have been used in jewelry and as a symbol of wealth for thousands of years.

Mining for diamonds is an expensive process that is fraught with logistical difficulties. Diamonds are rare, with only one carat of diamond found within every 250 tons of earth, on average. The difficulty in mining for and processing diamonds accounts for the high prices they fetch on the market, and mining also comes with serious environmental impacts that are becoming less suitable as we head towards a sustainable future.

Diamonds are relatively simple in terms of their chemical makeup; they are composed of pure pressurized carbon. As a result, scientists have long attempted to recreate diamonds in laboratory conditions, but it has only been in relatively recent times that this has become a reality.

Today, lab-grown diamonds are increasingly popular. They are created by applying pressure and heat through a special tube to a small piece of graphite, which will eventually grow into a diamond. Today’s lab-grown diamonds are of gemstone quality, unlike the attempts of the past which usually fell short of the mark.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

Lab-grown diamonds are a reality, but why would you choose them over naturally occurring diamonds?

First and foremost, they are identical to natural diamonds. Whether you have lab grown diamond earrings from Best Brilliance or a lab-grown diamond ring, nobody will be able to tell the difference.

They are also a more affordable option. It’s no secret that diamonds are expensive; they are often beyond the financial reach of regular people. Lab-grown diamonds are far less costly to produce, which means they cost less for consumers.

As they are grown in controlled laboratory environments, lab-grown diamonds also come in greater variety. They can be shaped and molded in specific ways to suit a range of different uses. This means you can essentially customize a diamond to your particular tastes and preferences.

Perhaps the most important factor that separates lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds is the environmental benefits. It might sound strange to say that a synthetic product is more environmentally friendly than a natural product, but it’s certainly the case when talking about diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds do not involve invasive, destructive mining processes and are perfect for people who want to look great and do their part to fight climate change at the same time.

How to Style Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings

If you’ve got a pair of lab-grown diamond earrings, you’ll know that they look fantastic in just about any situation. However, by making the right fashion and outfit choices, you can elevate your earrings and wow at your next social event.

First of all, think about what kind of diamond earrings you have. Are they studs or hoops? This can determine how and where you wear them and what you pair them with.

Your hairstyle is another important factor to consider. How you style your hair will determine how your diamond earrings look, and you can try out different combinations for different effects. A classic hairdo works incredibly well with diamond earrings, creating a sophisticated look that is perfect for formal events and dinners. Or, you could go for a more modern look, which will create a striking contrast and is ideal for more casual situations.

Finally, you need to think about the outfit you wear with your diamond earrings. The traditional pairing is a black dress, this is an iconic look that will make your earrings pop and sparkle to dazzle everyone you meet. Diamond earrings also work perfectly with wedding outfits, ideal to commemorate a special occasion.

You don’t need to wear black or white to make your lab-grown diamond earrings shine. Colors, especially pastel tones, look incredible when paired with diamonds, so this can be an option for events that are less formal than something like a wedding.


We can trace our relationship with diamonds all the way back to the 4th century BC. Today’s lab-grown diamonds demonstrate how far we have come technologically but highlight how much we still value these precious stones. Use the above guide to wear your lab-grown diamond earrings with style.

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