It is not just unique and beautiful; a piece of vintage jewelry comes with the loom of stories that make them quite desirable. Crafted with love, this jewelry has been grabbing the attention of onlookers for years.

One of a kind, they represent history and romance; they are styled in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. It is also a wonderful opportunity for making some money.

We have jotted down an ultimate guide to assess the value of vintage jewelry to determine its worth, which can be helpful in case you are looking to sell.

Know Your Vintage Jewelry

Identify the piece of jewelry.

  • Going through your jewelry collection, nail down the pieces that can be considered vintage. Keep in mind that vintage jewelry is not as old as antique one. If you have picked it from a flea market, antique shop, or estate sale, it’s most likely a piece of vintage jewelry.
  • After you have separated the jewelry, consider its looks and appearance. You can consult a jewelry identifier to categorize which era the piece falls into. Usually, it is retro, Art deco, mid-20th century, 70’s and 80’s era, which is considered vintage.
  • For a piece of jewelry to be considered vintage, it has to be at least 20 years old. When it crosses its 100th year, it will be considered antique.

Examine the jewelry

  • Before evaluating the value, examining the jewelry is also essential. Here is how to examine it;
  • Pen down the craftsmanship. While examining the jewelry, see if it is handmade. Even if it’s not, even then, it can be valuable.
  • After you have learned about craftsmanship, explore the material used. It might be made up of diamond, gold, sapphire or platinum. It might also include cheaper materials such as silver or amethysts. If fine material is used in making one, it will come with a stamp. The material used can make a difference in its value.
  • The cut of gems also points at the era and value the vintage jewelry comes with. The kind of clasp used on necklaces and bracelets also defines whether or not jewelry is vintage. For instance, the lobster clasp was used after the 1970s.
  • If possible, find the paperwork that comes with the jewelry. The certificate reflects the authentication and value of the jewelry. Dig through old papers, ask relatives or search for the box that it came in will give you an idea about its authenticity and the designer who sold it. For instance, if the box is turquoise in color with a white ribbon, you might be the owner of a tiffany.
Examine Your Vintage Jewelry Items

Research about the jewelry

  • Check its clasp, latch and marks that are present on your jewelry and crosscheck it with a professional who can identify which era it belongs to
  • Check if it has any stamp; you never know that it can be a famous designer’s signature.
  • Check for its price during that particular timeline. Experienced sellers can give you a better idea about its worth.

Finding a buyer if you are selling

If you are planning to sell your vintage collection, finding the right buyer is also important. Consult a professional who deals in vintage jewelry in Seattle to get its value and find a buyer.

They will be able to pull off your selling deal safely while getting maximum money out of it.

Understanding your piece of jewelry is the initial step towards selling it at its right value.

Is there any value to vintage jewelry?


Jewelry displays an individual’s personality, making them a crucial part of your life. So if you are looking to add some to your collection or planning to gift it to our love on their special day, visit vintage jewelry in Seattle to find the right one for you!

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