Did you realise that jhumkas date back to 300 BC? That’s correct. They’ve been around for a long time. Jhumkas are popular among people of all ages due to their traditional charm and feminine appeal. Diamond jhumkas have become the latest must-have and trendy jewellery item for women.

If you plan to attend a wedding, then jhumkas can add a touch of luxury to your everyday outfit. To help you, we have listed some of the top-selling stunning diamond jhumka from Mia by Tanishq. But first, let’s go over some diamond jhumka styling techniques.

Tips to Style a Diamond Jhumka for a Wedding

When worn with traditional clothing, a diamond jhumka can lend an attractive and spectacular touch to your entire look. Here are some ideas for wearing a diamond jhumka with wedding attire:

1. Consider the Colour Scheme: When choosing diamond jhumkas, consider the hue of your wedding dress. Consider wearing jhumkas with gold diamonds or red gemstone embellishments to match a classic red or maroon dress. Choose silver or white gold jhumkas with transparent diamonds for lighter-coloured ensembles.

2. Match the Style: Select a jhumka design that matches the style of your bridal gown. If you’re wearing an elaborate dress, try for simpler diamond jhumkas to avoid overpowering the appearance. If your fit is quite basic, add a hint of luxury with more complex and statement diamond jhumkas.

3. Coordinate with Other Jewellery: Consider the other jewels you’ll wear and ensure they complement the diamond jhumkas. Choose jhumkas with identical diamond settings or design elements if you wear a diamond necklace or a diamond-studded maang tikka. This will result in a cohesive and well-coordinated appearance.

4. Hairdo Consideration: When choosing the length and style of the jhumkas, keep your hairdo in mind. Longer jhumkas can assist in framing your face and lend an attractive touch to an updo or bun. Shorter or medium-length jhumkas can enhance the style without becoming tangled if you wear your hair down.

5. Confidence Is Essential: Remember that confidence is the key, regardless of style or design. Wear your diamond jhumkas with pride and gracefulness. Your attitude and confidence will elevate your outfit, making you seem more attractive.

These are simple tips, but your personal preference and style should ultimately dictate your decisions. Create a style that makes you feel attractive and confident on your big day by experimenting with various combinations and following your instincts.

Plush White-Rose Gold 14kt Pearl Jhumkas For The Elegantly Women

Plush White-Rose Gold 14kt Pearl Jhumkas For The Elegantly Women

In this design, pearls go perfectly with diamonds. Since pearls symbolise knowledge obtained through experience, this item was created for today’s independent ladies who stand out at any wedding. This versatile piece is part of Mia by Tanishq’s Inina line. The earrings include an elaborate jali design that is encrusted with diamonds. This diamond jhumka is set with a total of 38 diamonds. Show off your flair at any wedding with these stunning earrings.

Diamond-Studded 14kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas For The Royal Mia Woman

Diamond-Studded 14kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas For The Royal Mia Woman

Want to appear royal at a wedding? Then this earring is ideal for that purpose. This is a one-of-a-kind combination of diamond and plain gold. This diamond jhumka is from Mia By Tanishq’s Inina line. The earrings were inspired by the arcane motifs seen in Moorish architecture. This earring represents a beautiful sculpture of a palace’s domed ceiling. These earrings have a traditional look and can elevate your oufit at any wedding.

Don a Diamond Jhumka and Look Regal!

At weddings, everyone wants to look their best. Choosing the best jhumka and the best clothing is essential. The two diamond jhumkas mentioned in the blog are ideal for any outfit. However, to see other diamond jhumka designs, visit the Mia By Tanishq website and buy your preferred earrings now.

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